10 Best Games from SEA Game Awards 2018 that You Should Play

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Ranging from mobile, PC to console games, these are the Southeast Asian-made games from SEA Game Awards 2018 that you should look at and play!


Simulacra: Pipe Dreams (Kaigan Games/Malaysia)

Kaigan Games has done a great job when developing Simulacra back in 2017. And now, the studio released the spin-off of the series titled Simulacra: Pipe Dreams. This game still recreated a fictional mobile phone and shows it on your phone screen. As a result, the interface makes it look like you’re really holding a real mobile phone.

But Pipe Dreams tells a different story from Simulacra. In this game, you will follow Teddy’s story as he tries desperately to break free from the hold of a cursed video game. The story started shortly after he downloads a mysterious mobile game called FlappeBird.

Because it’s a spin-off, you don’t have to play Simulacra to enjoy this game. But if you have played it before, you will be familiar with this one.

Download: Google Play Store/iTunes


Coffee Talk (Toge Productions/Indonesia)

When the sun sleeps, you open your coffee stall. Then, you started to get some visitor, serve them coffee and listen to their story. That is the main focus of the Coffee Talk, a brand new visual novel from Toge Productions that grab Best Storytelling award in SEA Game Awards 2018.

The game sets in the year 2020 where orcs, elves, and human actually rejoice in one city: Seattle. You play as the Barista to serve some coffee to your customer, listen to their story and give some reaction. You should combine the right ingredients to serve the right coffee to the customers.

Coffee Talk Demo Review: A Unique Way of Chilling

Toge is delivering us a new game that is planned to release this year. Recently, released he demo version. Here is our Coffee Talk demo review. 

The gameplay is very simple. But the great story will keep you to continue your job as a Barista and listen to your customer’s problem.

Demo download


Nettworth: Life Simulation Game (Gameka/Malaysia)

Nettworth is a very complex game because it simulates almost every aspect from your life. But Gameka tries to simplify it, and also pack it with a cute animation.

In this game, you will create your own story. You can get a job, make some investment in the capital market, or study to increase your skills. And the most interesting: what you get now will impact your generations in the future!

Become the most successful person among your friends. You can choose your career, and then show it to your friend or people around the world using the online feature. This game is still on beta phase, so expect some bugs will appear when you play it.

Download: Google Play Store/iTunes


WarPods (WeyrdWorks/Malaysia)

Block breaker game is boring? Not with this one. WarPods is a block breaker-style game combine with turn-based RPG elements. In WarPods, you lead a gang of heroes to battle all kinds of warmongering space oddities as you travel the universe.

Your enemies will be the block, so you should blast them with powerful shots that bounce all over the screen. The turn-based RPG element comes in form of squad management. Select a combo of three WarPods to bring with you to battle. Each with their own perks and abilities!

Try this game and it will make you addictive. The game is already out now for Android and iOS.

Download: Google Play Store/iTunes


Nightstream (Streamline Games/Malaysia)

Endless runner mixed with WipeOut-style gameplay, Nightstream is a debut game from Streamline Games, a subsidiary from Streamline Media Group that focuses on creating a new IP.

In Nightstream, you will play as Runner who can grab a board to hover, jump, and glide along the way. When you slide, you can also collect orbs and power-ups to level up your skill and maybe buy a new board. But watch out for the obstacle, as you can find some bottomless pit and drones that will kill you.

The Best in Southeast Asia! Here Are The Winners of SEA Game Awards 2018

Songbird Symphony from Singapore went home with two awards. Meanwhile, two games published by Toge Productions were among the winners of SEA Game Awards 2018

This unique gameplay combines with a sci-fi comic art-style that looks nice. Streamline Games also released a comic series along with the game to tell much more about the universe. But sadly, this game only released in Malaysia for now. But we can expect that Streamline Games will release the game soon for worldwide gamers.

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