Indonesian Mobile Gamers Behavior in 2018 – Part 2

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In this part two of the article, we try to break down more about Indonesian mobile gamers behavior, including their spending per month.

In the previous article, we’ve already summed up the state of Indonesian mobile gamers. Now, in this article, we continue to break down their behavior.

Note that all the numbers based on our private research. We have already released a survey participated by 589 respondents from our gaming community in October 2018.


Official Store Still the King

Where do they download the mobile game? Our survey said that almost all of the Indonesian mobile gamers download their games through official stores (Google Play Store/iTunes App Store). This is a logical choice because the official store is the easiest place to download. Also, both Google and Apple ensure the security of the game.

But the interesting thing is, some gamers still rely on the application provider websites and third-party app stores such as MoboMarket, 9Apps, and Qoo10. Around 10% of the respondents said that they download the application and game through it, and 9% said that they download game or app via third-party app stores.


Gadget's Price

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Android has a more diverse gadget nowadays, ranging from under IDR1 million to more than IDR5 million. Around 63% of the respondents said that they have a gadget with a price range of IDR1 million to IDR3 million.

Only 8.2% of the respondents said that they have a gadget with price above IDR5 million.


Monthly Spending

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This is an interesting fact. Nearly 15% of Indonesian mobile gamers said that they never spent money to buy game or item in a mobile game. Mostly, they click the ads to get an item or premium currency (we’ll talk about it later).

Most of our respondents (29.7%) said that they spend IDR50,000 to IDR100,000 to buy item or game in a month. And only 2.7% of the gamers are a high spender who spends more than IDR1 million to buy game and item.


Direct Carrier Billing Rules

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With the low penetration of credit card, Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is the most favorite method of payment. More than half of the respondents said that they buy game or item using DCB. They don’t mind with a fact that using DCB is sometimes more expensive because of some additional taxes and fees.

Third party voucher provider (such as GoBills and Unipin) was the second favorite. Around 40% of the respondents said that they use the method to make a digital purchase.

How about the credit card? Only 7% of the respondents use that method to purchase. This is not too far from the credit card penetration in Indonesia that only 4.5% (in 2015, source: PaymentAsia).


Item to Buy

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With the majority of respondents said that they spend IDR50 K to IDR100 K every month, what item that they usually buy? More than half of the respondents said that they usually buy a cosmetic item in a game, such as a costume or skin. With MOBA is on the rise, this is a very logical answer because, in a MOBA, every hero has diverse skin. Some of them can be obtained for free, but the rest are not.

Sometimes gamers need more freedom to choose what they want to buy. That’s why around 63% of our respondents said that they prefer to spend their money to buy premium currency inside a game. With the premium currency, they can decide what they want to buy next, according to their needs.


Ads Click

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Sometimes, ads disrupt players when they play a game. But sometimes, by clicking the ads they can progress further in the game or get some items. That’s why around 48% of our respondents said that they click 2-5 ads per day, whether it is a banner ad, interstitial, or video rewarded ads.

indonesian mobile gamers

Indonesian Mobile Gamers Behavior in 2018 – Part 1

We are trying to break down Indonesian mobile gamers' state and also their behavior. Note that all the numbers are based on our private research.

Why are they click an ad? More than half of the respondents said that they want to get free premium currency by clicking the ads. This is important for the developers who want to inject some ads in their game. Make sure that developers can place the ads in right way, so it does not disrupt gamers, and gamers can easily to spot and click it when they need additional gold or diamond.

Another interesting fact? 42.7% of the respondents said that they click the ads accidentally.

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