Insurgence: Chains of Renegade Review: A Solid Classic RPG But Still Needs To Be Polished

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

A decent classic RPG with visual novel taste. But there are some aspects that can be improved to make this game better.

Earlier this month, an indie game developer from Indonesia, Platonic Game Studio released an RPG with visual novel taste called Insurgence: Chains of Renegade. We’ve tried this game, and here’s our Insurgence: Chains of Renegade review.

As mentioned in our preview article,  Insurgence: Chains of Renegade is a debut title from Platonic Game Studio. To publish this title, they collaborated with Something2 which was also publishing a game for the first time. As a debut title from both companies, this game actually has a great concept. But there are some aspects that we think can be polished more to make this game better.


Insurgence is an RPG that tells a story about Aereon, an empire on the brink of a civil war. You will be playing as Rissa and her friend Diana, knights who are assigned by Rissa’s father. They have a mission to stop the civil war by capturing one of the opposition leaders.

Along the journey, Rissa will discover an unpleasant truth hidden by the empire. Will she stay loyal with the empire?


insurgence chains of renegade review

Platonic mixes two different gameplays into this game. First, when you traveling around the map and in the battle, this game uses a classic JRPG style with turn-based combat. And then, the storytelling use some visual novel taste, ranging from the art style to the dialogue.

The turn-based combat seems familiar. If you’ve already played classic RPG such as classic Final Fantasy or Suikoden, you will feel at home with the control. Your character will have a turn in order (shows in the top left of your screen), and each character has several commands to do.

The characters can attack with their basic attack, or do some magic to give damage to the enemies. They also have three different bar: HP, TP, and MP. HP and MP can be restored using an item or white magic. But if you want to restore your TP, you should use Charge TP command and skip one turn.

insurgence chains of renegade review

The combat system is solid, but there is some minor inconsistency. Every character uses TP and MP to do a different command. Such as the two main characters, Rissa and Diana. Rissa uses MP to unleash her Black Mage command. Meanwhile, Diana uses it to unleash her White Mage and Sword Mage command.

The lack of consistency appears in the third command that they have. Rissa has something called “Special” that can be unleashed by consuming its TP. But Diana has something called White Mage that consuming her MP in the third command. Maybe it will make you confused when you jump into the game for the first time until you realize that Diana also has a Special, but it is placed in the fourth command.

Maybe it will be better if the developer uses the same term on each command order. They can call the second command as Magic or something that uses MP and then if necessary, create a sub-command to White Mage and Sword Mage like Diana has. And called the third command as Specials that use TP.

And also, the game doesn’t have the option to Flee or Retreat battle in the command list. It takes me a while to realize that I can flee or retreat from a battle by pressing ESC in the keyboard, and then the Retreat option will appear. Not forget to mention that maybe sometimes some minor bug appears, such as I can’t select the enemy for single target attack.

But I appreciated with the control option. The developers give three different option for players, ranging from using a gamepad, keyboard, or by using a mouse. Using gamepad is the best way to play because it will make you easier to avoid the encounter with the enemy that I think sometimes has a weird movement.

Graphics and animations should be better

The art style is good, especially applied in dialogues between the characters. But I think the resolution is not high enough. So, when I played this game in the Full HD resolution, the art looked pixelated so much. Not forget to mention that there was an error that makes some text illegible because the character image (suddenly) appears on the center of the dialogue box.

Also, the skill animations are too raw and can still be polished more. Sometimes you can see that there is a box surrounding the skill area when you unleash a magic. There are also no specific animations when the character hit the monsters.

But I really appreciated the opening scene and the concept of how Platonic introduces the opening of the game. It feels dramatic and blends well with the depth of the story.

The music blends well with the theme

Another aspect that I appreciate so much is the music, especially the opening music. The opening music features popular utaite (Japanese term for people who cover previously released songs) from Indonesia, fleurishana and she performs well. The music also blends well with the gameplay and matches with each situation: from high tense of a battle to the calm of a village.

But one small thing that bothers me while playing is sometimes the sound loop transition is not so smooth. For example, there is a slight delay after a few seconds of birds chirping. But overall, I think sound and music are one of the best aspects of the game, besides its solid classic RPG gameplay.


insurgence chains of renegade review

With a price tag US$4.99 to enjoy around 10 hours of gameplay and engaging story, Insurgence: Chains of Renegade is a good choice to give you nostalgic feel about classic RPG. But I think the developers still have a lot to do to make this game better, especially to fix some minor bugs and also if it possible, fix the art and resolution issues.

Insurgence: Chains of Renegade download (Steam – US $4.99)

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