Rage in Peace Review: A Well Polished Rage Game that Will Test Your Patience

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

No game over, and you will die a lot. Here’s our review!

Challenges in a video game are good. But overly difficult challenge sometimes will make gamers angry and maybe throw their controller. But there is a rage game that will precisely test your patience and there is no game-over. These are what Rage in Peace offers to you: a lot of surprises, no game over, and obviously will test your memory and patience to finish the levels.

Rage in Peace is the newest PC and Nintendo Switch game developed by Rolling Glory Jam from Bandung and published by Toge Productions. This game tells you about Timmy Malinu, an ordinary employee who has been dreaming of dying in peace on his bed.

But the grim reaper has another plan. The Grim Reaper appears, bearing news that Timmy will die today, with his head cut off. Without specifically telling when, where, or what will kill Timmy, the Grim Reaper gives him one final chance to fulfill his one and only dream: die peacefully on his warm and comfortable bed.

Luckily, Timmy still has a time until the end of the day, until he reached his home and die peacefully.

But a lot of weird things happen on his way home and prevent him from cheating death, such as a bamboo or iceberg appearing from the floor, a moai statue riding a skateboard, and a shark emerging from a puddle. In this game, your task is to guide Timmy safely on his way home and help him die peacefully. Can you accomplish it?

A lot of surprises

rage in peace review

The game control is very simple, but the mission is not. You can only run forward and backward, and tap a button to jump or perform a double jump in a certain situation. Along the way, there are many challenges to surprise you as I mentioned before. Sometimes you find a bamboo or an iceberg that suddenly appears from the floor when you pass by. Or, sometimes a lamp or statue’s head falls down and lands on your head.

All of the challenges will appear suddenly without any signs, and they come very fast that you don’t have any time to avoid it.

Death is a must. Since there is no game over in Rage in Peace, your death will be counted in the top left of your screen. More deaths means you learn more about a level and learn how to avoid the obstacles. Memorize every obstacle that causes your death and you can avoid them when you respawn.

rage in peace review

For example, I managed to finish first act with more than 150 deaths!

But don’t worry. In some point at a level, you will find a checkpoint, so you don’t start over from the beginning if you die. But the space between the two checkpoints sometimes is too far, so you have to memorize (and die) a lot to make a progress to the next checkpoint.

Goldfish mode to help

rage in peace review

Luckily, this game has a goldfish mode that will make your journey easier and can be activated anytime. This mode marked with a goldfish icon in the top right of your screen. When you activate the mode, the gap between checkpoint will be closer than normal, so you will find them more often. That was the developers said.

But it’s not as simple as that. It doesn’t lower the difficulties, intensity, or speed of the obstacles. So, still, you will die a lot although you have activated this mode. This mode surely helps but doesn’t help a lot to finish the game.

I tried the mode in act 1 and it only lowered my death count by around 30 points from the normal mode. It did’t help a lot, or maybe I was just too bad to play this kind of game? Lol!

A well-polished game with easy listening music

rage in peace review

Like the title of this article suggests, Rage in Peace is a well-polished game. The story is very compelling, and surprisingly, the design is also very good. Sometimes, the design feels like it can predict where the players will move, and places the obstacle in an unpredicted spot. Some obstacles also come from an unpredicted way.

Sometimes it will make you angry, but sometimes you will feel curious to finish a level. This is good to keep players playing although they get hundreds of deaths in one level.

Not forget to mention the music. The collaboration with Monkey Melody and some indie band should be appreciated. They help the storytelling a lot with a suitable music in each cutscene or act.


rage in peace review

Despite the high difficulty, Rage in Peace is a very entertaining game. Well polished graphics, good level design, and also nice music. But note that the high difficulty maybe will make some people easier to quit playing this game.

The goldfish mode helps but not that much. Maybe it will be better if the developer can lower the difficulty again in goldfish mode so people can enjoy the story without having too much death like before.

Rage in Peace, An Action Game for PC That Promises Many Surprises!

This new game from Toge Productions and Rolling Glory Jam, Rage in Peace will give you many surprises while playing. What does the game tell us about?

Rage in Peace is now available for PC (through Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

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