Game Prime Editorial’s 10 Best Southeast Asian Games in 2018

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Here are our best picks from 2018. Which one is your favorite?

For the past year, Southeast Asian game developers have produced many great games to play. One thing for sure, they are not only focused on developing games for mobile and PC anymore. Some developers also start to try the console market, even if sometimes they have limited access to the console’s Software Development Kit (SDK).

Some of the most anticipated titles were released this year. And as predicted before, they got more spotlight than the others. But there are some titles that came from nowhere and achieved a milestone.

Now, the Game Prime editorial team picked 10 of the best Southeast Asian games from 2018. Here they are, written not in order of ranking.


Ultra Space Battle Brawl (Mojiken Studio/Indonesia)

Start from internal upgrading project, Mojiken Studio finally brought Ultra Space Battle Brawl to life. Published by Toge Productions, this Pong-inspired multiplayer game perfectly fits for the entire family members.

In this game, every character has a unique ability to enter the battlefield. Your main goal is to destroy your opponent’s crystal. Every character also has an Ultra move, a special skill that can give them some advantages when battle.

Despite its fun and competitive multiplayer mode, this game also has a Story mode that you can finish alone. Ultra Space Battle Brawl is already available for Switch and PC, with PS4 will be released soon next year.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl: Switch/PC (Steam)


Simulacra: Pipe Dreams (Kaigan Games/Malaysia)

Last year, Simulacra was a huge phenomenon in the mobile platform. Kaigan Games has done a great job combining its thriller-mystery story with realistic phone simulation. This year the company did it again with the second full game of the Simulacra series with Simulacra Pipe Dreams.

This game still recreates a fictional mobile phone and shows it on your phone screen. As a result, the interface makes it look like you’re really holding a real mobile phone.

But Pipe Dreams tells a different story from Simulacra. In this game, you will follow Teddy’s story as he desperately tries to break free from the hold of a cursed video game. The story started shortly after he downloads a mysterious mobile game called FlappeBird.

Because it’s a spin-off, you don’t have to play Simulacra to enjoy this game. But if you have played it before, you will be familiar with this one.

Simulacra Pipe Dreams: Android/iOS


Happy Glass (Game5Mobile/Indonesia)

Happy Glass marks another big milestone for the Indonesian game industry. If we’re not wrong, It’s the first mobile game from Indonesia that can surpass 50 million downloads in Android. The number might be close to 100 million combining the total download from iOS now.

In this hyper-casual game, your task is to draw a line to fill up a glass with liquid from a bucket. Sound simple? But wait for the twist. Later on, your task is not only to draw a guideline the liquid so that it can fill the glass. Your task is more difficult, starting from aligning the glass, preventing it from fall down, or preventing another obstacle to fall into the glass.

Only a couple days after releasing, Happy Glass ruled the top games rank in more than 29 countries, including Cina, Japan, Korea, UK, and the US. The popularity seems to be followed by Game5Mobile’s next game, Popular Wars that already surpassed the 10 million downloads in Google Play Store.

Happy Glass: Android/iOS


Stifled (Gattai Games/Singapore)

When first released on PS4 (with PSVR compatibility) last year, many reviews praised on how this game uses voice for the gameplay mechanic and solve the puzzle.

This year, Stifled already released on PC through Steam with optional VR use. Still, Stifled makes use of your voice and also the voice from your character’s movement for the gameplay. The louder the sound, the easier for you to solve the puzzle. But you must be careful because your loud voice can also attract your enemy to come closer.

This game is more terrifying than other horror or thriller games when you play it in VR mode. But if you don’t have any VR device, you can still try it out.

Stifled: PS4/PC (Steam)


My Lovely Daughter (GameChanger Studio/Indonesia)

Another success Indonesian story game is My Lovely Daughter. My Lovely Daughter is a love letter for a raising-simulator game fans. This game tells a story about a father named Faust who is missing his late daughter.

Faust tries to revive her back. So, with his alchemy skill, he tries to live up his daughter’s soul by “feeding” her using a creature called homunculi. But you can’t do it once. You should find the right combination so it can revive your daughter with her real personalities.

The game has multiple ending. But only one ending that can describe the “true ending”. Not only the story, but the solid wood-cut art style is also very unique. It’s blended very well with the gameplay and the dark theme.

My Lovely Daughter: PC (Steam)

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