Brain Navi Enters Indonesia to Publish and Localize Japanese Entertainment Content to Bahasa

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Brain Navi Indonesia also has a plan to collaborate with some Indonesian IP creators and bring their creations to the global market

As one of the most populous countries in Southeast Asia, surely Indonesia is a potential market for almost everything, including games. Lots of overseas companies open their business in Indonesia or collaborate with local companies. Recently, Brain Navi announced that the company opens its business in Indonesia under the name Brain Navi Indonesia to publish some entertainment content from Japan.

The first game that will be published to Indonesian market is Haikyu!! Volleyball Card Game. Brain Navi Indonesia will not only publish the game. It will also localizes the content to Bahasa so it can reach a wider audience in Indonesia.

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The official launch event was already held in Jakarta, December 11, 2018. In that event, Brain Navi Indonesia also announced that it collaborates with some local companies to publish the card game such as Gramedia,, and Animart.

Haikyu!! Volleyball Card Game will be the first Japanese Trading Card Game (TCG) to be localized to Bahasa. The localization covers not only for the translation but also for the content editing and design. In the launching event, Wedge Holdings’ CEO Tatsuya Konoshita hoped that the product could provide a new way to entertain the anime lovers in Indonesia.

brain navi indonesia

For the information, Wedge Holdings is the parent company of Brain Navi Indonesia. Brain Navi Indonesia not only do the distribution of the card game but also the consultation for the content license through local distributors.

Will it continue the anime popularity?

Haikyu!! Volleyball Card Game is a TCG firstly published by Takara Tomy in Japan back in 2014. This TCG is based on a popular anime series Haikyu!! written by Haruichi Furudate and published by Shueisha since 2012. In Indonesia, the Haikyu!! comics are licensed and published by M&C Publishing under the name Haikyu!! Fly High Volleyball.

For now, Haikyu!! Volleyball Card Game is the one and only Japanese TCG that is localized in Bahasa. The card game will be released starting from December 14, 2018 through and some hobby shops in Indonesia. Then, two days later the card game will be available throughout Gramedia bookstore chain across Indonesia.

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The card game will come into two different packs. First is the ready-to-play basic deck of 40 cards for the beginner that can be played by two players. The pack will have IDR135,000 (around US$10) price tag per pack.

Second is the additional box set that contains 24 sets, each set has 6 cards inside. The retail price will be confirmed on the later date.

Ready to collaborate with local creators

brain navi indonesia

Speaking to after the launch event, Tatsuya Konoshita also expressed his enthusiasm about local creators in Indonesia. So, in the future, he hoped that Brain Navi Indonesia would not only publish the Japanese content to Indonesia but also collaborate with some local creators.

“I believe there are so many talented creators in Indonesia,” said Konoshita. “I have a plan within the next 5 years, we can collaborate with some of them and bring the Indonesian IP content to the global market. Let see if there is any local content that suitable for us to collaborate with,” he continued.

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