Discord Store Will Let Developers to Self-Publish with 90:10 Revenue Split

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

More interesting offer for developers, but will it also sounds good for the gamers?

The digital PC game store battle is on. After Epic announced the Epic Games Store, now the biggest chat platform for gamers, Discord also announced its weapon called Discord Store, a store that is promised to have the most interesting revenue split for developers.

According to the official blog, Discord confirms that the Discord Store will be launched officially with 90:10 revenue split for developers next year. Whether it’s AAA studio or one-man-army, they all can self publish in this store with 90% of the revenue going to the developers.

Surely it’s a respond to the Epic Games Store that previously announced the 88:12 revenue split for developers. It’s also far bigger than Steam that implements an initial 70:30 revenue split for developers.

Discord Store

Discord also shared some backstory for this decision. “Turns out, it does not cost 30% to distribute games in 2018. After doing some research, we discovered that we can build amazing developer tools, run them, and give developers the majority of the revenue share,” as it stated in its official blog.

Discord store will be fully launched in 2019 as a self-serve game publishing platform. As we stated above, developers can self-publish their game, and get 90% of the revenue. The remaining 10% will go to Discord to covers its operating cost. Discord also open a possibility to make it lower by optimizing its technology in the future.

Bring the advantage of chat platform

Discord Store

Until this day, Discord already is the main platform for developers to communicate with players. And Discord Store will maximize it to gain more sales for the game. “We will also empower developers to communicate with their players by improving Verified Servers, extending their ability to add great content to the Activity Feed, and more,” as it said in the official blog.

Discord said that now it has 200 million users in its chat platform. Surely it’s a big opportunity for game developers who want to publish their game in Discord Store. So, let see what will Discord do to drive users to purchase the game directly in Discord Store rather than in Steam.

Can Discord Store compete with the others?

Discord Store

The question is, will Discord Store be a strong contender for Steam? It’s the same question that appears when Epic announced the Epic Games Store. Both Epic Games Store and Discord Store get advantage from its hundred million existing users. Discord has 200 million users in their chat platform. Meanwhile, Epic Games Store already has 200 million registered users in Fortnite.

But still, we don’t know how fast Epic and Discord can convert their existing users to buy games from their store rather than Steam. And also, Discord should offer a new advantage for gamers if they want to compete with the other platform, such as a cheap bundle like offered by Humble Store or one free game every two weeks like Epic Games Store.

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The Discord Store is currently in a beta phase. If you visit the store now, you can see that the store already filled in with some titles such as Torchlight II and Darksiders III. Discord Store also has some first-in-Discord titles such as a MOBA game called Minion Masters and shooter game called At Sundown.

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