Epic Games Store Gets More Exclusive Titles from Popular Game Studios

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Some titles will be exclusive forever, and others will only be for a limited period of time.

When Epic announced their Epic Games Store, people already predict that it will have more exclusive titles coming in the future. At first, the developer company already had Hades, an isometric action RPG from Bastion’s creator, Supergiant Games. Then, some titles such as Ashen (formerly an Xbox One exclusive) and Journey (formerly PS3 & PS4 exclusive) will also come in PC exclusively through Epic Games Store.

Now, some studios already declared that they prefer Epic Games Store rather than Steam to release their games in the future.

First is Goat Simulator‘s creator, Coffee Stain Studios. Through its official video, the company announced that it will skip the Steam release for its next game, Satisfactory.  The company claimed to have shut down the Satisfactory‘s Steam page and removed its plan to release the game on Steam.

Coffee Stain Studios also said that the company didn’t make the decision because Steam had changed the revenue split tier earlier this month. “We didn’t know about that, we found out when you did,” said Coffee Stain’s Community Manager Jace Varlet.

For additional information, Steam’s new revenue system is now based on the revenue tier. In the beginning, developers would get 70% revenue share from the sales. Then, the number increased to 75% when the game made more than US$10 million in total sales (including the DLC). After reaching the US$50 million sales, the revenue share increased to 80%.

Another option: time-limited exclusive

Double Damage Games has a slightly different decision from Coffee Stain. Through a blog post, it also announced that its next title, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will be exclusively released on Epic Games Store only for one year after launching. “Eventually, it’ll make its way elsewhere. (Console release are not tied to this)” said Double Damage Games.

It also appreciates what Steam has done in the past years by introducing a new revenue split system for developers. “Before Valve and the 70/30 split, it was pretty darn rough to be an indie (both in terms of royalty share and in terms of the ability to sell things without a publisher),” they said in their blog post.

“We can all thank Valve for using their leverage to make that happen, and usher in the era we have now. We think it’s safe to say that a large percentage of the games made today wouldn’t exist without it,” they continued.

Double Damage Games also has an opinion about Epic Games’ decision to hand-curated games that will be published in Epic Games Store. The developer company thinks that it will benefit the consumers, and developers will be on the race to make the better game in the future.

Last but not least is the Team17. It announced that Genesis Alpha One will be delayed, and is not going to be released on Steam on January 29th, 2019. It also removed the playable preview from the Steam page. In the same time, it opens the pre-purchase phase in the Epic Games Store.

Although the company doesn’t say that the game will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, most likely it will follow the Double Damage Games’ decision. It means that the game will be exclusive for Epic Games Store release for a limited period of time only, and then it will be available everywhere, including Steam.

What makes them take the decision?

epic games store

The Epic Games Store‘s 88:12 revenue split surely is interesting for developers. Also, Epic has around 200 million Fortnite‘s users that are ready to be their store’s users. But is it enough to lead many developers in releasing their game exclusively for Epic Games Store?

Still, we haven’t known yet how fast Epic can convert their million users to buy a game through their store. So, maybe the revenue split and the massive users are not the main reason for developers to take the decision to release their game in Epic Games Store.

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So, what leads them to take the decision? We can only make a guessing that Epic might have offered another incentive to attract the developers so that they will be interesting to release their games in Epic Games Store exclusively. Could it be that Epic is offering a special featured section in the store? A guarantee to cross-promote the game with Fortnite that has 200 million users? Or another marketing support to boost the sales?

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