Epic Games Store is Now Live, Will It Become a Strong Contender for Steam?

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Bigger revenue sharing for developers, more free games for players. Will it be the next big thing in the game industry?

Watch out Valve! Epic already announced that they will launch a new PC game digital store called Epic Game Store. Will it be the next big thing and can be a great contender for Steam?

According to the official blog, Epic said that it had been building this platform for the past five years. Initially, it already had the Epic Games launcher for PC and Mac featuring Fortnite and Unreal Engine. And now because of the Fortnite‘s massive growth, the company decided to create this Epic Game Store.

Epic also said that it would include some hand-curated PC and Mac games to this store. So, we can expect that Epic Games Store will fill up with some high-quality games, and prevent it from being too crowded like Steam or Google Play Store.

Epic Games Store is not only for PC and Mac. Later on, Epic also said that it would expand the store to other platforms such as Android.

88% Revenue share for all developers

Another great news for the developers, especially for the indies is how Epic Games Store will split its revenue. Epic announced that all developers would get 88% revenues, whether they used Unreal Engine, Unity, or other engines. Surely this portion is bigger than Steam’s, which splits the revenue to 70:30 (70% for developers, 30% for Steam).

If you create a game using Unreal Engine, then you will get more advantages when publishing your game in Epic Game Stores. Epic will also cover the 5% engine royalty for sales, out of Epic’s 12%.

Epic Games Store

Another benefit for the developers is, they have full control of their game’s store page. “There will be no store-placed ads or cross-marketing of competing games on your page and no paid ads in search results,” said Epic on its blog.

Epic Game Store also introduces a new way to maintain the relationship with players. People who buy the game will automatically be subscribed to the developer’s news feed, so they will get every update or news from the developers. Also, developers can reach the players through emails if they choose to share it.

Will it be a strong contender for Steam?

Epic Games Store

The main question is, will the Epic Game Store become a strong contender for Steam? As we know, there are some PC game stores out there besides Steam such as GoG and Humble Bundle. But none of them can achieve what Steam does today.

“So far it sounds good,” said Kris Antoni, Indonesian publisher Toge Productions‘ CEO. “Although the revenue share is interesting, we still don’t know how fast Epic Games can lead its million users to use the platform and buy games from it outside of Fortnite. Surely, it still needs a conversion time although it already has around 200 million registered users of Fortnite,” he continued.

“The hand curated games’ system sounds good,” said Rahmad Imron, the DreadOut‘s creator Digital Happiness founder. “But we still don’t know about the user base. It’s still not proven yet compared to the hundred million daily active users of Steam,” he continued.

Epic Games Store

The user conversion is not an easy task. We already knew that Discord was also struggling to convert its chat platform users to its store’s buyers although it claimed that the chat platform had more users than Steam had. “In fact, the Discord’s users still choose to buy games through Steam,” said Kris

Later on, Kris also pointed out about the features. He thought that Epic Games Store would need more time to implement the value-added features like Steam had, such as Trading Cards, Badges, etc. “I think Epic will need at least 2 years or more to achieve that kind of value-added features,” he said.

Epic Games Store

They both agree that this is a good move from Epic because they believe that Epic Games Store can be a strong contender for Steam. “Hopefully it can break the Steam’s market domination. So, developers and gamers can get more competitive features and services from both of them in the future,” Kris ended.

Debut titles

A game store is nothing without games. So, in The Game Awards 2018, Epic announced some debut titles for Epic Games Store. It started off with the announcement of Supergiant Games’ new title, Hades that would be available via Early Access exclusively for Epic Games Store.

Then, there will be The Pathless, a new game from Abzu’s creator that will be one of the debut titles. The game will also be released on consoles, exclusively for PS4

Another big title that will come to Epic Games Store is Dauntless. Dauntless already held an open beta phase last May and would be released to the Epic Games Store soon.

The store is live now. If you head up to the Epic Games Store from today, you can see that the store has already been filled up with more non-exclusive titles, such as Ashen, Subnautica, and Journey. So, we can expect more titles will be revealed soon.

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Last but not least, Epic Games Store also has another interesting offer to the players. It will give away a premium game for free every two weeks. The first free game will be Subnautica that you can claim starting from December 14, 2018. And then starting from December 28, 2018, you will get Super Meat Boy.

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