DreadOut: The Story Behind and The Future of The First Indonesian Game to Movie Adaptation

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

After PC game, webcomic and movie, what else is there for DreadOut? DreadOut game’s creator Rachmad Imron shared his opinion about the movie and his plan for the future.

Introducing DreadOut to the mainstream audience

dreadout movie
Rachmad Imron (second from left) and Kimo Stamboel (second from right) when the movie’s press conference back in June 2018

Develop a movie based on a video game is not an easy task. Even in Hollywood, some movie adaptation from the game didn’t perform well. There’s a popular opinion that a movie adaptation from a game (or a vice versa) has its “curse”, not all of them can reach their target.

Rachmad admitted that and said that it’s a tough challenge to introduce DreadOut to the mainstream audience. “Kudos to Kimo Stamboel. He bets his reputation for introducing DreadOut to the mainstream audience through this movie,” said Rachmad.

dreadout movie interview
Some of the movie’s cast and production team

“It’s not an easy task and very challenging. We were trying hard to satisfy the gamers and mainstream audience while keeping the thriller-slasher reputation that had been a Mo Brothers’ trademark for a long time,” he continued.

Rachmad also complimented the cast saying that they had done a great job and call them a solid team. “I might have a bias opinion. But I think the movie can give another perspective an different approach for the local horror movie. It’s fun to watch, emotional thrilling, a new breed of the horror genre that we called it ‘fantasy horror thriller adventure’ genre,” he continued.

The future of the DreadOut‘s franchise

This movie surely marks a new milestone for DreadOut also for the Indonesian gaming industry. But still, Rachmad has another dream for DreadOut for the future. “We hope that DreadOut can be a franchise that will still growing better and can be appreciated by all audiences,” said Rachmad.

After PC game, webcomic and movie, what else for DreadOut? Rachmad said it all depends on the movie performance. If the movie performs well, they want to adapt it also to the web series. “As Wida Handoyo (the Producer) and Kimo said, we’ll wait for the performance. We hope we can develop it further to the digital premium web series platform and also the canon sequel for the movie,” he said.

But from the Digital Happiness’ side, Rachmad wants to develop the DreadOut universe and adapt it into a novel. “We also want DreadOut has board games and action figures,” he ended.

dreadout movie

As we mentioned in the previous article, Digital Happiness is developing the game’s sequel called DreadOut 2. Rachmad said that the team already finished the vertical slice build of the game. It means that they have test all of the gameplay main aspects, and also the mood building when it’s played by the gamers.

“This will be a direct sequel for DreadOut. Some of the gameplay aspects will be similar. The main difference is DreadOut 2 will be more non-linear. You can explore the world and the different dimension. There will be an action horror fantasy aspect, also urban exploring with side mission and interaction with NPC, both human and ghost NPC,” he explained more.

Most Popular Indonesian Horror Game, DreadOut Gets Its Sequel

The most popular and best selling Indonesian horror game, DreadOut will get its sequel, DreadOut 2. Also, the movie project gets some new details.

In the end, Rachmad also gives advice for game developers who want to build a strong IP that can be adapted into many media. “The most important thing is to start small, consistent and always welcome to the uniqueness from the theme that you developed. For example, if you choose horror theme, if you take a different perspective, it can bring up more derivative products with their own uniqueness,” he ended.

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