10 Most Anticipated Southeast Asian Games in 2019

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Ranging from mobile, PC to console, here are some titles that you shouldn’t miss!

The year 2018 has been a great year for the Southeast Asian game industry. Many games were released, and some of them reached a milestone. Also, some studios started to release games in the console, either in PS4, Xbox One or Switch.

How about 2019? We can see that there will be more console or AAA games produced by Southeast Asian game developers. In this article, Game Prime will share 10 most anticipated Southeast Asian games in 2019. This list consists of games from all platforms, ranging from mobile, PC, to console.


No Straight Roads (Metronomik/Malaysia)

We fall in love with this game at first sight. This is a debut title from Metronomik, a brand new indie game studio from Kuala Lumpur established by former Final Fantasy XV‘s lead game designer Wan Hazmer and illustrator of Street Fighter, Daim Dziauddin.

Kingdom Hearts mixed with a rhythm game might be the best way to describe No Straight RoadsIn this game, you will play as Mayday and Zuke who will conquer the EDM Empire. Kingdom Hearts-style action gameplay will be the main focus of it. But, the action gameplay is built based on the music that will accompany you along the game.

Feeling confused? Imagine when an enemy that you face attacks you with some music pattern. You don’t only memorize the move, but you should also listen to the music to find out when is the best moment to attack them.

The game is still in the development phase with the target release on Q2 2019 for PS4 and PC.


Songbird Symphony (JoySteak Studios/Singapore)

Another rhythm game on the list. Songbird Symphony tries a different approach on how to make a variation to this genre. Songbird Symphony combines the rhythm gameplay and classic platformer with some Disney-ish feel that makes this game more enjoyable.

This game tells about an orphaned chick named Birb who wants to find his origins. Along the journey, Birb will learn about his origins little by little by communicating with other birds. In some point, you should guide Birb to sing a song like a usual rhythm game mechanic by matching the pattern with the rhythm.

Besides the rhythm game mechanic, this game also offers some puzzle that you should solve. It is all combined with nice pixel art graphic so it can be enjoyed by all ages. Still, there’s no exact release date from this game. But you can start to add this game to your wishlist on Steam.


She and the Light Bearer (Mojiken Studio/Indonesia)

After around three years in development, finally, Mojiken Studio and its publisher, Toge Productions, announced the release date of She and The Light Bearer. The fairytale visual novel will be launched soon on Steam, January 17, 2019, and you can also try the free demo through its Steam page.

This visual novel tells about a little firefly on a search mission to find a figure that it calls Mother. It turns out that the entire forest is secretly protecting The Mother in her slumber. The Little Firefly has to earn the forest’s trust and prove its worth by solving riddles, challenges, and puzzles.

She and the Light Bearer is one of the projects born from the Mojiken Studio’s internal upgrading project. Back in 2015, Mojiken held an internal upgrading session called MojikenCamp that must be followed by all of the members.


Bayani - Fighting Game (Ranida Games/Philippines)

I’m not a big fan of the fighting game. But when first I see Bayani – The Fighting Game from Ranida Games, I’m sure that the game will be something different.

Bayani is a fast-paced, 1-on-1, indie fighting game made by an all Filipino development team and it draws heavily from the Philippines’ rich and colorful history, culture, and mythology.

Because it’s inspired by real history, you will meet characters and location based on real occasions. What makes this game different is also you can collect historical relics not only for your collection but also for your historical information. The Early Access version will be launched sometimes in Q1 2019 and you can start adding the game to your wishlist from now.


Ghost Parade (Lentera Nusantara/Indonesia

Lentera Nusantara came with a surprise last year when they announced that they signed a deal with Aksys to bring Ghost Parade to the console. Ghost Parade itself is a side-scrolling game surrounded by a beautiful, magical and mythical atmosphere. It tells the story of a girl, named Suri, who gets lost in a forest and tries to get back home.

Along the way, she befriends many mythical ghosts inspired by real mythology inside the forest to guide her. In return, the ghosts need Suri to help them take back the forest from humans that destroyed it.

The most interesting about the project is, Ghost Parade does not only come in form of a game. Lentera Nusantara also brings the IP to other media, such as webcomic and also some merchandise. There’s still no exact release date for this game. But we can expect that this game will be released sometimes in 2019 for PS4, Switch, and PC.

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