She and The Light Bearer Review: A Perfect Harmonization of Music, Visual and Gameplay in Video Game

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Gorgeous art, great music, and beautiful storytelling. Here are our She and the Light Bearer review

I had fallen in love with She and The Light Bearer since I played the game demo at a local game convention back in 2016. At that time, the developers told me that She and The Light Bearer would be released as a series, with the first part to be released soon in that year.

But making video games is hard sometimes. So, this project got delayed many times before it’s finally released earlier this year. In total, Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions needed around three years to finish the project since they announced the codename Project She back in 2015.

But is it worth the wait? Here are our She and The Light Bearer review.


She and the Light Bearer is one of the projects born from the Mojiken Studio’s internal upgrading project. Back in 2015, Mojiken held an internal upgrading session called MojikenCamp that must be followed by all of the members.

This visual novel tells about a little firefly on a search mission to find a figure that it calls Mother. The Mother is sleeping too long and leaves the nature in danger. It turns out that the entire forest is secretly protecting The Mother in her slumber. The Little Firefly has to earn the forest’s trust and prove its worth by solving riddles, challenges, and puzzles to awake the Mother again.

The story starts with three children who are busy preparing for a traditional festival in their village. They argue with each other because they don’t know much why they should celebrate this festival. Then, comes their grandmother who tells them the background of this festival, a tale of a little firefly seeking for the Mother. And your journey as the little firefly begins.

The story is one of the main selling points of this game, so I won’t give any spoilers here. Just experience it by yourself!


she and the light bearer review

As a visual novel, there’s not much to tell about the gameplay. The gameplay is mainly focused on point and click adventure with some puzzles that you should solve. Sometimes, the puzzle is just as easy as clicking a glowing object in the screen and searching for any objects from one screen to another. But there is also a puzzle where you don’t need to click anything, just read the dialogue to get the clue and solve that.

The puzzles mainly come from the interaction between the little firefly with other plants. Maybe the puzzle is not as challenging as you expected. But still, the interaction with the plants, the clues, and the puzzles itself play a major role to reveal what the Firefly should do next to accomplish its mission.

After you solve a puzzle, you will fly deeper into the forest to find the Mother. The puzzle was designed beautifully not only to reveal the major plot of the story but also to make gamers enjoy the game more and more. Wait until you find the last puzzle, and you will realize how beautiful this game is.

Perfect harmonization of music, visual, and gameplay

she and the light bearer review

When talking about video games as art, She and the Light Bearer might be a good example for that. This game has a perfect harmonization of fairytale, music, visual and gameplay. The unique art style from Brigitta Rena is very suitable for this kind of relaxing gameplay. The mix of the aesthetic design of the plants, calm atmosphere, and beautiful background surely will make you relax when playing this game.

Even the credit scene is very enjoyable. You should enjoy and wait until it’s over because there are some surprises waiting for you. “She” is very cute, too!

The combination of traditional and modern music also blends well with the visual & gameplay. To craft the music, Mojiken Studio collaborated with an indie band called Pathetic Experience and talented singer Christabel Annora. I really appreciated how a game developer collaborated with some musicians to create such a masterpiece like this.

I think this kind of collaboration spirit should have been done more in the future, especially for indie developers.

But, this game is too short…

she and the light bearer review

She and The Light Bearer truly is a masterpiece. I might over enjoyed the game, but I think two hours of playtime is too short and surely isn’t enough -at least for me. Luckily, I have some unlocked achievement that can force me to play this game for the second time. Or maybe, can we expect for the sequel?

I also take note on the loading screen. The loading screen is too long, even just only a scene transition. I think it’s a minor aspect that won’t bother your experience when you play the game. But if the developers can shorten the loading time, that would be much better for the experience.


she and the light bearer review

Before I play She and The Light Bearer, I have played some competitive games that angered me. This game successfully calms me down, and I rarely find a game that can make me feel relax and enjoy every moment, dialogue, and puzzle. Surely it’s a perfect harmonization and masterpiece from Indonesian game developer (and musician). I can’t wait to see what they can do in the future.

For additional notes, this game is also a family-friendly game that you can play safely with your children. The story also brings a message to save our nature from danger nowadays. So it will help you teach the kids to keep their environment clean and learn to love nature.

You can buy She and The Light Bearer through the link below. Oh and don’t forget to enjoy the music and the artbook by buying it through its Steam page, too.

She and the Light Bearer: Steam Page (US$9.90)

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  • Gorgeous visual art style
  • Beautiful storytelling
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Family/kids friendly
  • Great combination of traditional and modern music
  • Cute voice acting that can represent each of the character’s personality very well


  • Playtime is too short
  • Sometimes the loading time and screen transition is too long

Score: 9.5/10

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