Important Tips on How to Find (and Approach) the Right Publisher for Your Game

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Why we should work with a publisher? How to approach them? And what are the criteria of a good publisher? Find the answer from Azizah (Lentera Nusantara) and Steve (Game5Mobile) in this article.

What are the checklists that we should pay attention when we negotiating with them?

Both Steve and Azizah agreed that the developers and publishers should have the same target. Negotiation is a crucial time to look at that before you sign a deal with the publisher. So, you should pay attention to some details when you talk to them. “Read the work contract carefully. Make sure that it can give a win-win solution for both developers and publishers,” said Steve.

Another important thing is to think about the most important problem for the developers. “Some developers might think upfront funding is the most important for them. Some of the others might be thinking about the revenue share. In the end, you should find and ask what is the most suitable concept for your company,” Steve ended.

Here are several things that you should do

  • Bring all of your media that represent your vision, mission, and product. You must it bring as detailed as possible.
  • Read the work contract carefully before you sign it.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question.
  • It’s important to give your best performance in every event so you can get the spotlight.
  • Don’t hesitate to share your game data as detailed as possible, and don’t be afraid your game will be cloned. If your game has a good quality, surely publisher will give you an offer.

What is a good publisher?

There is a good and bad publisher out there. What is a good publisher that can help us to grow? “Every publisher is good as long as they have a commitment and good communication with their developers,” Azizah gives her opinion.

“Also, economic value is one of the essential parameters of a good publisher. So, we can continue creating games without being worry about how the game will perform in the market when it releases,” she continued.

“A good publisher is the one who has a good track record and also has an expert in marketing,” said Steve. He also agreed that the good publisher should have good communication with the developers. “And also, they want to do the hard work together with the developers to improve the products,” he ended.

Which one is better, a single game or multi-year/multi-game partnership deal?

When you start to look for a publisher, you might be thinking about what kind of deal that suitable for your business. Is it only a deal for a single game; or multi-year/multi-game partnership? “Both are a good choice, But once again, we should check it whether it’s suitable with our vision, mission, and the game’s market projection,” said Azizah.

“Your vision and mission determine what is the good choice for you. If a publisher has the same vision and mission, then a long-term partnership will be better. But if you want to find who is the best for your company, a single game partnership will be better. From that, you can check whether you want to continue your partnership for your next game or try to find a better one,” said Steve.

“You can do also multi publishing (more than one publisher for one game). Every publisher has its own unique market, portfolio, and strategy. That is the most important thing that we should learn when we meet them in an event and after that,” Azizah ended.

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What are the developer’s tasks after the game release?

Working with a publisher means that the publisher will handle the release and post-release strategy of your game. They will handle the marketing and PR-things work. So, as a developer, what are our task after the game released?

“As a developer, surely our main responsibilities is on the development side. We should make sure that every update can work smoothly, minimize bug, improve the performance, listen to the players’ feedback, and decide what is the best thing to implement in the next update,” said Steve.

“After releasing the game, we’re not only thinking about the game but also think about the possibility of what the next thing we can do with the publisher. We also should maintain the relationship with the players by participating in some event or release another content to satisfy them,” Azizah ended.

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