With Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI Aim to Help Indonesian Games to Reach the Global Market

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

With the participation in GCA 2019, we hope that the Indonesian economy creative product can compete in the global market

As we mentioned before in the previous article, some Indonesian game developers/publishers are ready to participate in Game Connection America (GCA) 2019. They will participate under Archipelageek, an initiative from Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia/BEKRAF) and Indonesia Game Association (Asosiasi Game Indonesia/AGI).

There will be 10 developers/publishers who set to exhibit in this annual game industry deal-making event. They are Megaxus, Agate, MassHive Media, GameChanger Studio, SEMISOFT, Everidea, GameLevelOne, CIAYO Games, Arsanesia and Wisageni. They will exhibit under Indonesian pavilion in Oracle Park, San Francisco for two days, 18 and 19 March 2019.

Archipelageek GCA 2019

“One of the BEKRAF’s main goal is we want to increase the export contribution in the creative industry,” said Triawan Munaf, Chairman of BEKRAF in the press conference that was held yesterday, 26 February 2019. “To reach that goal, we should participate more actively in global festivals or events,” he continued.

“Hopefully with this participation, the delegations’ creations and talents can get a good response from the global market,” said Ricky Pesik, Deputy Head of BEKRAF. “Also, they can prove that our creative economy product can compete in the global market,” he continued.

How BEKRAF and AGI supports the developers through Archipelageek

Archipelageek is an initiative from BEKRAF and AGI to support Indonesian game developers by participating in both local and international game conventions. This project was started in 2017 when Archipelageek helped around 10 developers to showcase their games in PopCon Asia 2017.

Archipelageek GCA 2019

“There are a lot of Archipelageek’s graduates that can get global recognition,” said Andi Sadha, Head of Committee of Archipelageek. “We hope that when they go back home from the participation, they can capitalize the support from the government. Also, they can be a top player in creative product’s export effort in a global scale,” he continued.

The ten delegations of GCA 2019 were selected through a tight curation process conducted by AGI and BEKRAF. AGI’s Deputy of Network Access and Capital, Cipto Adiguno, said that there are three main criteria that they used to decide who would represent Indonesia in the event.

Archipelageek GCA 2019

“There are three main criteria. First, the studio should be from Indonesia, or the majority of the stakes are owned by Indonesian. Second, we see whether the product is ready to be marketed on a global scale. And last but not least, we also see their previous business track record. So they should prove that they have a sustainable business,” he explained.

According to the press conference, some developers said that they are ready to bring their latest products in GCA 2019. For example, SEMISOFT who is known for Legrand Legacy is preparing a new title called Mark of the Beast. Another developer, GameLevelOne said that it will bring its new project, named Project Javatale that is inspired by Indonesian traditional batik.

Archipelageek GCA 2019

BEKRAF and AGI Will Bring Indonesian Games to Participate in Game Connection America 2019

BEKRAF and AGI have announced that they will, once again, bring the Archipelageek initiative to Game Connection America 2019 (GCA 2019) next month. 

In addition, Cipto said that Indonesia game market already reaches the valuation worths up to US$879.7 million in 2017. “The valuation number shows that Indonesia’s game industry is growing faster now. And with the delegations’ diverse creative products, we hope it can represent Indonesian games’ quality on a global scale,” Cipto ended.

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