Chinese Government to Recognize Esports as a Profession

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The two esports-related professions that will be recognized by the Chinese government are esports operators and esports professionals.

What the Chinese government will do in the near future surely is great for the gaming industry. China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (CMHRSS) already announced that they will recognize 15 new professions. Two of them are closely related to esports industry: esports operators and esports professionals.

The Esports Observer has the details for these two esports-related professions. Esports operators are identified as people who organize esports tournaments and create esports content. Meanwhile, the esports professionals are people who compete in professional tournaments, perform in esports events or those who train with pro-players.

We already knew that people who competed in a professional tournament were professional gamers. But how about “people who perform in esports events?” The term is most likely used to describe people involved in the event, aside from the players. They could be the casters, influencers, or could be the MCs.

esports professional

The most interesting thing is the term that CMHRSS uses to describe the esports professionals. A CMHRSS official said that one of the main jobs of the esports professionals is similar to what Chinese refers to “account boosting” alongside with the other jobs. As we know, account boosting is a general expression used in the gaming industry when one player boost the rank of another’s, mainly just for the money.

Will this recognition make the account boosting legal in China? Before we discuss more on that, it’s important to note that The Esports Observer also mentioned that the Chinese term also refers to a pro player who plays another player’s account in a professional play.

Most likely the Chinese term “account boosting” will refer to the second explanation, not the first one. We already know that account boosting is strictly prohibited by both game publishers and developers. So, it would certainly raise questions if the illegal “account boosting” term is recognized as an official profession.

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Alongside the two new esports-related professions, CMHRSS also recognizes some new professions such as AI Engineers, Big Data Engineers, and also Drone Pilots. Let’s see if the initiative from the Chinese government can be followed by other countries around the world sometimes in the future. 

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