Developer’s Diary: Our First Taipei Game Show!

By Riris Marpaung

Taipei Game Show 2019 was scheduled from January, 24th until 28th and here’s our experience.

Hello Good Readers,

My name is Riris Marpaung, the producer of My Lovely Daughter (MLD) and one of the founders of GameChanger Studio in Indonesia. Please allow me to share my experience on Taipei Game Show 2019 as a selected exhibitor that showcased MLD in the event.

I’ve been waiting for two years to visit this event. I’m also happy since this is the first time I have an international business trip with my Co-founder and the game designer of MLD, Dodick Sudirman. Usually, we share responsibilities with each person going to a different event.

Before I begin, there were 5 more games from Indonesia that got selected in this event together with our game: She and The Light Bearer, Rage in Peace, Coffee Talk, Legrand Legacy and Forged of Blood.

First, let me walk you through where, when and how this show was organized. Taipei Game Show 2019 was scheduled from January, 24th until 28th and the concept of this event was divided by two main schedules: Business to Business (B2B) zone on January 24th – 25th and Business to Consumer (B2C) on January, 26th – 28th. This show took place in Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Hall 3 at the central district of Taipei City. I participated in the two-day schedule on B2B event and Sarah Johana, my roommate, would tell you more about the B2C event.

What kind of B2B zone on this game show was? It was a kind of event that conducted many meetups between game developers and other variety of game industry entities like publishers, payment services, distributors, marketing agents, localization services and other kinds of organizations or individuals related to video game business. The organizer provided us (game developers) a web application that can be used for setting up a meeting with those entities.

taipei game show 2019

It made our appointment requests and adjustments with others easier to do. This web app connected directly with our email to push every notification regarding the meeting’s confirmation from other parties.  Then, by the time of the confirmed appointment, we just came to the place arranged by the organizer to meet up. In this place, there was some friendly and sprightly personnel who were ready to give us information about our appointment and the room that we could use.

taipei game show 2019

Source: http://www.pcdiy.com.tw/detail/11961

Well, I also want to share some tips regarding this B2B session. Usually, in a local event, I would bring DVDs containing our released games. But, for this international trip with the intention to save some space and weights in the luggage, I brought custom-made (games artwork skin) USB Flash drives instead.

taipei game show 2019

Next, I made some important notes about our meetups with publishers in Taipei Game Show :

  1. It is recommended to gather some information details or profile research regarding the party that we want to propose a meeting. This thing will make the 30 minutes-limit meeting very effective. (we still feel 30 minutes is not yet enough though hehe)
  2. They really appreciate merchandises that are prepared before the meeting (i.e. the USB drive or DVD).
  3. Don’t forget to bring your name cards!
  4. If the game hasn’t been planned to release yet, prepare a demo or mockups compiled in a video.
  5. Follow up the topic in the meeting, after you took a rest and refreshed a bit when you got back to your home country.

Overall, I think Taipei Game Show is a very good event for Indonesian game developers who are looking for publishers, localization services, distributors or other business opportunities from Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, and Americans, those people who gather in the show. If we compared the flight and accommodation costs to go to their home country just for having a direct conversation with them, it is more affordable for the independent game studio like us to go here from Indonesia.

Next, Sarah Johana for B2C event, everybody!

Taipei Game Show 2019 – B2C

taipei game show 2019

Hello, everyone! This is Sarah Johana, Community Manager of Toge Productions. I was actually representing Mojiken Studio, bringing She and the Light Bearer to Taipei Game Show. This, too, is our first time participating in Taipei Game Show. And I think Riris already explained enough about the event, so I’ll go straight to the point.

The event was divided into 2 areas, the main event was in Main Hall and the indie section was in Hall 3. Of course, the visitors in the indie game area weren’t as many as they were in the Main Hall. I would say the number of people coming was still okay, not too many and not too few.

During B2B, I spent most of my time standing by around the booth because someone needed to be there when the booth got visitors. My colleague, Fahmi, was the one who went for a business meeting and did some catch up with our developer friends and business partners.

Expo build really helped us during B2C. There were only Fahmi and me who looked after the four booths during B2C because the other developers were already back to Indonesia. Not to mention we sometimes had to be away from the booth for lunch or for a sudden urgent matter. By having expo build, we also had more time to talk with other developers from a different booth, try their game, and enjoy the event while working.

What is an expo build? We specially prepared a build where we limited the gameplay time or limited the game to only a certain point or level, similar to demo build. What makes it different from demo build is that we add idle time, so if no one is playing for certain time, there will be pop up on the screen asking if the player is still playing with a countdown.

When the countdown reaches zero and no one is clicking anything the game will automatically go back to the main menu. This way, you don’t have to worry about manually clicking the “Back to Main Menu” button all the time.

taipei game show 2019

We printed the description of the game in both English and Chinese, where the game is available on, and QR code to our Steam page and Discord server. Turns out the QR code is really effective. Knowing how the technology is really advanced in Taipei, everyone is used to having a QR code to be scanned. It also helped us to minimize the communication problem, since we were showcasing in a country where English is not their first language.

Another thing I found is that people in Taiwan love cute things and merchandise. Rage in Peace brought stickers, pins, and postcards as free merchandise. A lot of people were attracted by the cute merchandise of Timmy, and most of them ended up playing the game to get the merchandise. But again, make sure that the event organizer lets you distribute merchandise, especially stickers. Some events don’t give permission to exhibitors to giveaway stuff especially stickers.

So, here’s to summarize B2C experience in Taipei Game Show.

  1. Expo build really helped and we could save more energy; for networking with other developers and talking to visitors about the game.
  2. Had QR code printed was really effective.
  3. When showcasing in a foreign country, print all the description and information of the game in both English and their language to minimize the problem in communication.
  4. Displaying merchandise helped to attract visitors to check out the game.

taipei game show 2019

Last but not least, I want to share another tip. When you are showcasing your game in an event, don’t be shy and join the party, talk to fellow developers and make as many friends as you can. Introduce yourself as the developer and tell them about your game. Also, focus more on networking because you will need as many developer friends as you can. You can also share your thoughts about game development, share experience, and even learn from one another. They can help you spread the word about your game as well.

Here are Some Tips on How to Maximize a Game Event to Accelerate Your Business

Marketing and press release surely are a must. But one thing that we should not forget is to attend some game event or convention.

I really enjoyed participating in the Taipei Game Show. A lot of business opportunity especially to penetrate the market in China, a lot of awesome developers coming from all around the world. The event itself is great and really give a lot of benefits to indie game developers. If you have the chance to participate in the Taipei Game Show, don’t miss it. It is good to expand your connections, find more business opportunities (publishing, advertising, etc), make yourself known by other developers, learn a lot from them and gain a lot of great experience. 

taipei game show 2019

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