Top 15 Indonesian Game Websites | February 2019

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Not much has changed on this list. But this month, reclaimed the top spot again from

Not much has changed in this top 15 Indonesian game websites February edition. But this month, successfully reclaimed the throne from again.

Earlier this year, successfully grabbed the first position in this top 15 Indonesian game websites. But it only lasts for one month. This February, reclaimed the top spot again with Alexa rank 80 or jump more than 60 positions than last month’s (rank 145).

Meanwhile, dropped to second place with five ranks lower than last month (rank 138). Overall, there is no new name in this top 15 list. Only got kicked out from this list after the company announced its closure last month. Its spot in top 15 is replaced by that now jumped on the 14th position.

Some eSports-focused website still going strong in this top 15 list, such as (11th place), (10th place), and (4th place).

Definition of Video Game News Websites

Defining video game websites is not that simple. Every site has its own uniqueness and composition. There are sites that have wide-range of topics and cover topics outside gaming (like,, etc). There are also sites that only focus on one game or one specific genre (like and 

In this ranking, video game website is defined as:

  1. A site that covers game only
  2. A site that includes games in its top category, that has articles, videos, or images as contents.
  3. A site that was established in Indonesia and has nation-wide coverage.

This list is also limited only to games websites & blogs that have been tracked by Alexa site evaluators. Furthermore, sites that are included in this list have to be active, which means they must at least published one article in the past week before the data compiled.

How Accurate Is This?

Because it is based on prediction, the data shown is not 100% accurate. This data is taken from, based on their proprietary tools.

Even though it’s not 100% accurate, Alexa’s data is one of the most used data in industry benchmarking, thus, it has strong authority to quantify traffic from a site.’s data is updated every day. The movement of the data can also be significant each day. Because of that, data shown here is more of a snapshot of Alexa rank in a day, February 8, 2019, to be precise.

Is This Ranking Comprehensive?

No. Alexa only provides the list of top 500 sites from Indonesia. Other than that, it is based on personal research.

So based on the definition above, these are top 15 game media in Indonesia according to Alexa ranking, February 2019 edition.

Rank Sites Alexa Rank Indonesia
1 (2) 80
2 (1) 138
3 (3) 244
4 (4) 625
5 (5) – 1,074
6 (6) – 1,806
7 (7) – 1,854
8 (8) – 2,011
9 (9) 2,294
10 (10) – 3,154
11 (11) – 6,342
12 (15) 8,170
13 (12) 8,753
14 (-) 9,214
15 (14) 9,398

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Media Profiles

1. – 80 belongs to the biggest telecommunication company in Indonesia, Telkomsel. focuses on games, especially esports and mobile. Aside from news, this site also provides a place to download apps and games using Telkomsel billing. holds many events like games competitions and community events. It also launched an eSports team for Arena of Valor called DG eSports.

2. – 138 covers mainly three things: games, geek cultures, and gadgets. It focuses on popular topics. The writers usually write about animanga, Dota 2, popular games, local pop culture issues, Android gadgets, and many more. targets young readers and has a goal to encourage creative industry fans into actors.

In March 2017, IDEA Network -the media group of received funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC) and announced the launching of other sites like,, and

3. – 244 usually writes news, tutorials, and review from different kinds of platforms (PC, mobile, and console). It has a community feature but is currently inactive.

4. – 625 is a site dedicated to esports and its local scene. The contributors mainly write about popular esports in Indonesia, like mobile MOBAs, Dota 2, Overwatch, and others.

As mentioned above, is also a member of the IDEA Network group. Gets Funding from DNC to Bridge the Millennials and Creative Industry, Indonesia’s biggest game, geek culture, and gadget media, announced that they have received funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC)

5. Dafunda.com1,074 is one of the biggest geek and pop culture websites in Indonesia. It has some subcategories for each content, such as Dafunda Game (for any news related to the games), Dafunda Tekno (technology and gadget) and Dafunda Otaku (anime and manga).

6. Kotakgame.com1,806 is one of the oldest gaming websites in Indonesia. Although it has various content ranging from the game, cosplay, anime to the movie, but still the majority of the content covers about games. Once, it had a forum, but now it focuses on news websites.

7. – 1,854 focuses on discussing games on certain platforms, which are PC and console. The writers also cover gaming gears. is one of Jagat Network members, including

8. – 2,011 covers all about gadgets, tech, and mobile games. The writers usually write about trivia, tips and tricks, game guide, top lists, and many more. is a member of IDEA Network group, same as,, and

9. – 2,294 covers news and culture related to Japan, including games. In the game topic, the writers also write about non-Japan games related, including Indonesian games. has community-based contents called My JOI that produce 2-4 articles in a month.

10. – 3,154 is a game media that focuses on eSports scene, whether it’s in Indonesia or in the world. It covers all aspect of eSports, ranging from news update, team profile, live streaming, analysis, tournament schedule, and many more. is also part of the Yamisok group, which also has an online tournament platform.

11. – 6,342 is a niche site. It focuses on esports news, in form of videos or written materials. Its main strength is in the live-streaming and Dota 2 contents. It is also renowned for holding esports tournaments.

In March 2017, received funding from DNC and they changed the site’s interface.

12. – 8,170 is renowned for its strong and loyal community. In mid-2000s, had its own forum and server for several popular games, including Dota Allstar and World of Warcraft.

13. – 8,753

Gamehubs is a media company, magazine publisher and online portal built by a team of gamers for gamers. It focuses on Asian gamers, so they provide three different sites with three different languages: English, Indonesia, and Thailand. Beyond their online presence, Gamehubs is also the official licensee of Edge Asia edition, one of the UK’s oldest and most reputable gaming magazines.

14. – 9,214 is all about eSport games. It covers games like Dota 2Mobile LegendsLoLHearthstoneCS: GO and others. It provides guides for heroes or characters, news regarding esports events, and the technical side of the game.

15. – 9,398 is a game website focused on mobile games, especially for multiplayer and competitive mobile games. It provides news, review, podcast, and recommendation for readers. It also has a dedicated eSports category on its site.




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