Game Connection America 2019, Opening Gate for The Future Collaborations in Game Industry

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In GCA 2019, Indonesian delegations will not only exhibit their games. They will also do some business meetings to seek new partners.

As one of the biggest game events in the world, Game Connection America 2019 (GCA 2019) plays an important role in the growth of the game industry. Labeled as “The Deal Making Event”, every year, this event helps thousands of game companies to find their potential partners to create some collaborations in the future.

Game Connection is the international event where more than 2,700 developers, publishers, distributors and service providers come to find new partners and/or (in the case of service providers) find new clients. Every year, there were more than 7,700 deals done through this event, with an average ROI of around US$300,000.

Game Connection itself was held twice a year. Besides Game Connection America that takes place in San Francisco every summer, there is also Game Connection Europe that kicks off every fall in France. GCA 2019 will be held in Oracle Park, San Francisco on March 18-22, 2019. Two days for the offline event in Oracle Park and the rest is an online session where developers can utilize the meeting app to book meetings anywhere they want.

Some notable companies already confirmed to join this year’s event. They are EA, GoG, Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard. With many big names confirmed to join, surely it’s a perfect platform for every game industry’s stakeholder to find new partners.

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Indonesian delegations confirmed that they will participate again for the second time in this event. Under Archipelageek initiative from BEKRAF and AGI, 10 developers/publishers will exhibit their games, as well as seek new partners for future collaborations. They are Agate, Arsanesia, SEMISOFT, GameChanger Studio, MassHive Media, Megaxus, GameLevelOne, Everidea Interactive, Wisageni, and CIAYO Games.

More than just exhibiting the game

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The delegations will not only exhibit their games. In GCA 2019, they will also meet some new potential partners and discuss future collaborations. Thanks to the GCA 2019 meeting application, they can arrange the meeting far before they travel to San Francisco.

GCA 2019 will be held in the same week as GDC 2019. So, the developers have confirmed that they will also visit the biggest developer conference in the world after they finish their business in GCA 2019.

Some developers have also confirmed that they will maximize the GCA 2019 event to introduce their new games. For example, SEMISOFT, for the first time will exhibit their new action RPG called Mark of the Beast. Another developer, GameLevelOne said that they will introduce the Project Javatale, a game that is heavily inspired by Indonesian traditional Batik.

What Developers Should Prepare Before Attending GCA 2019 & GDC 2019?

Before participating in GCA 2019 and GDC 2019 next month, Indonesian delegations got some briefing to make them well-prepared in those events.

After GCA 2019, on 19 March there will be a networking party held at Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in San Francisco. The party will be attended by the Indonesian delegations and local diaspora, as well as some representative from some US-based game companies.

Another agenda from the Indonesian delegations is the company visit. For two days in a row, they will visit some San Francisco-based game and technology company, such as Google, Facebook, and EA.

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