Game Connection America 2019: How This Deal-Making Event Helps to Find a Right Partner in the Game Industry

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

As a deal-making event, Game Connection America 2019 also helps several Indonesian game companies to find a better partner for their business.

Partners are one of the main keys for business. With good partners, a company can grow faster and leverage its chance to gain success. That’s why as a game company, searching for good partners such as publisher, investor, and co-development is important to make a sustainable business.

That’s what Game Connection America 2019 (GCA 2019) offers. As a deal-making event, it helps the game companies to find a better partner for their business.

Game Connection is an international event where more than 2,700 developers, publishers, distributors and service providers come to find new partners and/or (in the case of service providers) find new clients. Every year, there were more than 7,700 deals done through this event, with an average ROI of around US$300,000.

Game Connection itself is held twice a year. Besides GCA that takes place in San Francisco every summer, there is also Game Connection Europe that kicks off every fall in France.

game connection america 2019

GCA 2019 is still going in San Francisco on March 18-22, 2019. The first two days are for the offline event in Oracle Park (March 18-19) and the rest is an online session where developers can utilize the meeting app to book meetings anywhere they want.

Meeting app is the strongest point for this event. Through this app, every participant can see who is coming at the event, and what kind of game companies that they are looking for. Every participant can access this app several weeks before the event kicks off. So, they can see who is coming, book a meeting with peoples who match with their business and prepare a pitch as early as possible.

The app is also equipped with details of the meeting, such as the time and place when they should meet. Also, the participants can send messages, so they can also inform each other if they want to reschedule the meeting or decline a request from someone.

game connection america 2019

The participants have several choices for the meeting spot. They can meet at one of their booths, one of the meeting points that are available, or at the Oracle Park’s stands.

Some of the participants come from big game companies such as EA, 505 Games, Tencent, and Ubisoft. Some of the others are the national delegations from some countries, such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Taiwan, and also Indonesia.

The participation from Indonesian developers

game connection america 2019

For the second time in a row, Indonesian delegations participated in this event. Under Archipelageek initiative from BEKRAF and AGI, 10 developers/publishers exhibited their games, as well as seek new partners for future collaborations. They were Agate, Arsanesia, SEMISOFT, GameChanger Studio, MassHive Media, Megaxus, GameLevelOne, Everidea Interactive, Wisageni, CIAYO Games and GudangVoucher.

game connection america 2019GameChanger Studio

game connection america 2019GameLevelOne

game connection america 2019 Wisageni Studio

Some of the companies were looking for publishers for their next game. To help them achieve the goals, they brought -at least, a teaser trailer for the pitch to their potential partners. Some of them also brought the latest build of their game.

And for the others, looking for outsourcing or co-development opportunity with overseas companies was their main objective.

game connection america 2019 Masshive Media

game connection america 2019Megaxus

game connection america 2019SEMISOFT

From the two-day event, the developers said they could get 15 meetings on average for each studio. Some of them were potential, but some of them were not. Different from the other B2B game event, they said that the meetings were to the point, so it usually takes 15-20 minutes for each meeting.

game connection america 2019CIAYO Games

game connection america 2019Everidea Interactive

game connection america 2019Arsanesia

game connection america 2019Agate


After each day, there was an end day review when the game companies could share their experience on that day. From the two-day participation in this event, some game companies said that they had met their potential partners and would discuss further after the event. There were also some companies said that they are close to set a deal after the two days of the meeting.

The participation will continue on the next three days, but it will not take place on the Oracle Park. They will continue to set up meetings in Tabletop Taphouse, a specific place provided by the organizer.

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