GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: Agate

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Established since 2009, Agate is now labeled as the biggest game company in Indonesia with around 200 employees who are mostly based in Bandung.

When talking about Indonesia’s gaming industry scene, Agate should be one of the studios that come to mind. Established since 2009, Agate is now labeled as the biggest game company in Indonesia with around 200 employees who are mostly based in Bandung.

Agate began by the simple premise of fun by encouraging people to “Live the Fun Way” as they always do every day. As a game developer, Agate is not only developing games for entertainment purposes for every platform but also developing serious games for corporate learning purposes.

GCA 2019 Delegation Profile Agate

This year is the second Game Connection America (GCA) participation in a row for Agate under Archipelageek initiative from BEKRAF and AGI. In GCA 2018, it was one of the Indonesian delegates under the same initiative. In last year’s participation, Agate met PQube, a UK based publisher who helps it publish Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story for Europe and North America market.

The collaboration with PQube goes well. In only one month, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story concluded around US$500,000 from the sales, mainly from the PS4 physical disc version.

“We see that GCA is one of the best B2B networking events that we’ve ever participated,” said Dave Fabrian, VP of Mobile Games Division of Agate. “The audiences are very relevant with our business (mobile games, outsourcing, publishing games), and we can meet new networks with interesting potential business,” he continued.

In GCA 2019, Dave said that the studio is looking for new games to publish in Indonesia. “We also search an international publisher to publish our games to the global market,” he said. Furthermore, it also searches for a new partner to speed up the transfer knowledge that can increase Agate’s capability, either in mentoring, co-development partner or expert talent.

“Also, in that event, we can learn more by discussing with some global industry leaders. So we can get more interesting insight from them,” he ended.

For GCA 2019, Agate will bring two of its games. First, a fast-paced brawler game for mobile called Metal Brave Arena 76. In this game, you can choose your favorite robot, customize them, and bring them into the battlefield.

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Participating in GCA 2018, Indonesian developers met their potential partners. Will this year echoes the same pattern?

The second game is a simulation game called Esports Saga. Esports Saga is an esport team manager simulation game where you can build and manage your dream eSport team. You can recruit and train your team member, or obtain legendary players to create the best team in the world.

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