GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: Arsanesia

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In Game Connection America 2019, Arsanesia will showcase its latest casual simulation game titled Summer Town and a compilation of educational app titled Learn with Pippo.

Indonesian game studio has started to grow faster since early 2010. There have been many game studios established from 2010 until now. One of them was Arsanesia, a Bandung-based studio founded in 2011.

Arsanesia is a game studio with a vision to spread happiness in the world through games. With eight years of experience in the game industry, Arsanesia has developed games for a variety of clients such as Nokia, Intel, Kompas Gramedia, and more. In 2015, Arsanesia launched a new business unit which focuses on education game called Arsa Kids.

Then, in 2017 Arsanesia set a new milestone. In that year, Arsanesia obtained funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital to further develop its business.

This year will be Arsanesia’s first participation in Game Connection America 2019. “We want to grow our business in the global market and Game Connection America is the best place for us to find quality partners from around the world,” said Adam Ardisasmita, CEO of Arsanesia.

For this year’s participation, Arsanesia will bring two of its products. First is a casual game titled Summer Town that is currently in the beta phase in the Google Play Store.

Summer Town is a casual simulation game where you should take care of your virtual pet. You should fulfill the daily needs and play some mini-games to earn money. You can also express your personality creatively by mix-and-matching your pet’s style and decorate your house with the available decoration items.

And the second title is an educational game compilation app called Learn with Pippo. The app contains several kids-friendly educational contents with a purpose to boost kids’ intelligence. Learn with Pippo promotes problem-solving for children through logical thinking & effectively applied knowledge. The app is also in the beta state in Google Play Store. 

“We have two main goals in Game Connection America 2019. First, we are looking for a global publisher for Summer Town. And second, we want to introduce Arsa Kids which focuses on educational purpose, especially as a support system for parents to educate their kids,” he ended.

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