GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: CIAYO Games

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In Game Connection America 2019, the company will bring its two latest projects: CIAYO Stories platform and CHIPS: Heroes Uprising

If we talk about the webcomic industry in Indonesia, CIAYO should be one of the firsts that come to mind. Since its appearance, CIAYO competed with some big webcomic platforms such as LINE Webtoon in the Indonesian market.

But since 2017, CIAYO had its game subsidiaries called CIAYO Games. With around 20 employees to date, CIAYO Games has a specialty to develop Intellectual Property (IP) based mobile games.

CIAYO Games was founded in January 2017, starting with a small idea from its passionate founders: To craft and introduce Indonesian top quality games to the global market. Developing IP is its specialty. So, besides IP based mobile games, the company also offers IP licensing for the global market and publishing service for international games to the Indonesian market.

“This is the first time we participate in Game Connection America,” said Victorio Primadi, the CEO of CIAYO Games to Game Prime. “Since it’s our first time, we want to open our mind and also introduce CIAYO’s products and IPs to the international market,” he continued.

For Game Connection America 2019, CIAYO Games will bring two of their products. The first is a mobile game called CHIPS: Heroes Uprising that also comes in the form of a board game.

CHIPS: Heroes Uprising is an idle defense strategy games with online raiding, expedition & crafting features. In this game you’ll help CHIPS & his friends build the strongest defense against incoming alien invasion and attack another player, just to survive.

The second product is a visual novel game platform called CIAYO Stories. It’s a collaboration project between CIAYO Games and another Indonesian delegation, Agate. In this platform, you can choose and play various stories of which you can decide the result.

The first game that uses this platform is Dilan: The Official Game. It’s a mobile game adapted from Dilan, one of the most popular teen romance novels from Indonesia.

With Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI Aim to Help Indonesian Games to Reach the Global Market

With the Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI aim to help Indonesian developers/publishers to get global recognition and find a new opportunity.

“In this event, we want to expand our network and look for a global publisher for CHIPS: Heroes Uprising,” he ended.

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