GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: Everidea Interactive

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In Game Connection America 2019, the company will showcase its latest interactive story-telling game called Day One.

There are 10 Indonesian delegations under Archipelageek who will participate in Game Connection America 2019. Among them is Everidea Interactive which is also the youngest studio. The Bandung-based studio was established in early 2018 and now has around 15 employees to date.

Everidea Interactive is a multimedia interactive company that focuses on producing video games, VR, AR, and interactive installation. The studio was established by founders from cross-specialty at the creative industry for a mission to give a bigger impact in the field of education, social-cultural, and environment through digital interactive media.

Although Everidea Interactive is the youngest studio, this year is its second participation in Game Connection America. For this year’s participation, it will bring two of its latest titles and is hoping to meet some potential partner.

“We see that Game Connection America is one of the events that can help us expand our international network to develop our products, especially our mobile games,” said Hendra Arazi, Producer/Project Manager of Everidea Interactive.

For this year’s event, Everidea Interactive will bring an interactive story-telling game called Day One. Day one will tell a life story of a 28-year-old character named Jamie. Jamie owns a vinyl store who is also a singer/songwriter. But in this game, Jamie just had a breakup with his girlfriend, Jazz, for an inexcusable reason.

This game will have multiple endings based on your choices throughout the play. There are 4 main endings which can be chosen by the players by clicking the options during the game, based on the player’s decision (as Jamie) in dealing with heartbreak.

With Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI Aim to Help Indonesian Games to Reach the Global Market

With the Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI aim to help Indonesian developers/publishers to get global recognition and find a new opportunity.

“Besides introducing our company to Game Connection America’s audience, we also want to introduce some of our mobile games that are currently in development. We aim to expand our network and look for some international investors and game publishers for our game,” he ended.

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