GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: GameChanger Studio

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In this event, GameChanger Studio will introduce a new spin-off title from its best-selling PC game, My Lovely Daughter

There are a lot of Indonesian game studios that focus on developing games for PC. One of them is GameChanger Studio, a Tangerang-based studio that consists of 6 persons who focus on develops PC games that always has the out-of-the-box theme.

GameChanger Studio was founded by two academicians, a librarian who had no gaming background, and a lecturer whose dream was to be a game developer. The studio was established in 2013, and has developed more than 30 games until now. 

Before the company jumped into PC game development, it had developed some mobile games. The studio decided to focus on developing PC games after the viral success of NSFW (Not a Simulator for Working) that was covered by Youtubers with more than 7.5 million combined views.

Last year, it released My Lovely Daughter that received many positive reviews on Steam, also followed with great sales.

“As a deal-making event, there will be many game industry stakeholders in this event, ranging from developers, publishers, payment services, marketing agents and many more from around the world,” said Riris Marpaung, the CEO of GameChanger Studio. “So, I think it’s a great opportunity for us to take part in this event,” she continued.

For Game Connection America 2019, GameChanger Studio will bring two of its titles. First is its best-selling PC title My Lovely Daughter. Riris said that My Lovely Daughter has a big fanbase in China, and now it aims to get alternative regional publishers for that game.

And the second title is the My Lovely Daughter‘s spin-off sequel titled My Lovely Wife (tentative title). The game is a combination of management and dating simulation genre. It explores the depth of what would ones do to find their true love.

The main story of the game is inspired by Indonesia’s legend titled “Jaka Tarub”. The visual art will carry the unique ink drawing style with a touch of watercolor. Continuing the tradition to make an out-of-the-box game theme, My Lovely Wife theme would be a commentary on sex trafficking and prostitution practice.

Game Connection America 2019, Opening Gate for The Future Collaborations in Game Industry

Labeled as "The Deal Making Event", every year, Game Connection America 2019 helps thousands of game company to find their potential partners.

“Our main goals in this event is to find potential partners who can maximize our game’s potential, such as a regional publisher or game platform. We are also looking for some collaborations to help us developing new titles in the future,” she ended.

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