GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: GameLevelOne

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In GCA 2019, GameLevelOne will bring its work-in-progress title, Project Javatale, that is heavily inspired by Indonesia’s traditional textile batik.

Indonesian studios are not just developing a new and original Intelectual Property. Some of them also do outsourcing work and consulting for another company. One of the studios that do the various kinds of work is a Jakarta-based studio GameLevelOne or also known as GL1.

GameLevelOne was founded in 2012, and now it has around 12 talents working there. As a game studio, the company spread its focus on a different kind of work such as game development, consulting, publishing, and 2D/3D art outsourcing.

Since 2012, it has produced tens of original IP. Two of the most famous mobile games made by the studio are trivia game Asal Tebak Puno, and sports game Football Clash. Game Connection America 2019 is surely a perfect place to meet new partners for future collaborations, whether it’s for co-development, outsourcing, or publishing opportunity.

“We want to participate in Game Connection America 2019 to learn more what’s new in the game industry,” said Felix Ramli, the CEO of GameLevelOne. “We hope that in the future, we can develop GameLevelOne to be a better game studio,” he continued.

In this event, Project Javatale is GameLevelOne is the main spotlight. Project Javatale is an action-adventure inspired by the Legend of Zelda series with deep and artistic influence of traditional batik artwork delivered through exploration of an inter-connecting area of non-linear levels based on actual Indonesian locations.

In its demo page, GameLevelOne claimed that the game will feature many scenes of well- known places in Indonesia, especially in Java. You can try the demo right now through its official demo page.

Alongside Project Javatale, the studio also brings another work-in-progress project called Pemburu Hantu (or Ghost Hunter). This game is a location-based role-playing mobile game that lets you fight and capture ghosts, using a rock-paper-scissors battle system.

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Felix also said that they have some missions in this event, such as networking with potential partners, searching for funding and also the publisher for the game. “We have a mission to search a publisher for our latest work, Project Javatale,” he ended.

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