GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: MassHive Media

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In GCA 2019, they will introduce a new multiplatform game called Potion Permit. What is it?

Bandung is home to Indonesia’s creative talents. There are many game studios in Bandung, focusing either on service, some IP-based products creation or both. One of them is MassHive Media, an indie game studio consisted of eight persons.

MassHive Media was established in early 2014 when the studio introduced its first game, Vimala: Defense Warlords for mobile. Since that, it has produced 4 unique indie game titles to date. The most recent was Azure Saga: Pathfinder, which was debuted on Steam last year. Soon this year, it will also release the game for Nintendo Switch.

As one of the growing indie game developers in Indonesia, surely Game Connection America 2019 is a great event for them to look for a new partner. “We want to bring MassHive Media’s product to the global market, so our game will be well known by international audiences,” told Andika Pradana, the Co-founder of MassHive Media to Game Prime.

For GCA 2019, they will bring two of their projects. First, they will showcase Azure Saga: Pathfinder that was released on Steam March 2018. Azure Saga: Pathfinder is JRPG with turn-based combat that allows the player to explore a stunning 2.5D isometric landscape featuring hand-drawn visuals.

This March, MassHive Media is collaborating with Toge Productions to release the game for Nintendo Switch. The game aims to be released on March 21, 2019, and you can pre-purchase from now to get the 15% discount. You can read more about the game from our review article here.

And the second game, the company will introduce its newest title, Potion Permit that is still on the development phase. Still, there is not yet any information about the game since it’s still at the beginning of the development. But, Andika said that this simulation game aims to be released on multiplatform.

Game Connection America 2019, Opening Gate for The Future Collaborations in Game Industry

Labeled as "The Deal Making Event", every year, Game Connection America 2019 helps thousands of game company to find their potential partners.

Andika also said that their main goal in this event is to search for a new strategic publishing partner for future collaboration. “So, we hope our next product will be more well-targeted and can reach the more potential international market,” he continued.

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