GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: Megaxus Infotech

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In this event, Megaxus wants to offer total solutions for their potential partners

In the early 2000s, the PC online was a massive hit in Indonesia. There were several Indonesian game publishers who published international PC online games to Indonesia. One of the biggest publishers is Megaxus Infotech, who was known for some of its rhythm and shooter games.

Megaxus Infotech (Megaxus) is a leading game company in Indonesia and Southeast Asia with more than 13 years experience in the gaming industry, 22,5+ million PC online and Mobile games registered users. As mentioned before in one of our articles, Megaxus is one of the top game publishers in Indonesia to date.

Within this time frame, Megaxus has launched 11 PC online games and 7 mobile games, established strong technical gaming infrastructure, partnerships and alliance with various tech companies and gained the trust of its stakeholders. Some of the Megaxus’ popular titles in Indonesia are Audition AyoDance, Counter-Strike Online, SD Gundam Online, and Lineage II.

Game Connection America 2019 will be its second participation. In last year’s participation, Megaxus successfully met some partners with hundreds of dollars potential deals.

“We want to participate again in Game Connection America 2019 to find some potential business partners and expand our networking with game companies around the world, especially from the United States,” said Felix Darmoko, Brand Manager and Overseas Business Development of Megaxus.

Different from the other delegates, Megaxus will not bring any single game title in this event. “We want to offer total solutions for our potential partners,” said Felix.

Later on, Felix explains what is the “total solutions” means that Megaxus offers. “Besides game publishing, we also offer games development, payment solutions; and business process outsourcing services (including community management, customer service, marketing/user acquisitions, offline events, eSports tournaments, localization, 2D/3D design, QA and other services)” he continued.

With Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI Aim to Help Indonesian Games to Reach the Global Market

With the Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI aim to help Indonesian developers/publishers to get global recognition and find a new opportunity.

In the end, Felix also hopes that Megaxus can find some potential mobile game to be published in Indonesia, SEA and global market.

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