GCA 2019 Delegation Profile: SEMISOFT

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In GCA 2019, they will introduce their new title for the console, Mark of the Beast. Here are the first details for the game

In the last three years, there were a lot of Indonesian game developers developing AAA quality games, for both PC and console. One of them is SEMISOFT, a Jakarta-based studio who just released their first debut, Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds, for PC. The game itself was also released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year.

SEMISOFT is one of the young game studios in Indonesia that aims to develop AAA quality games with a small, ultra-talented core team. Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds got not only positive reviews but also opportunities to showcase its work in prestigious gaming events worldwide, such as GDC, PAX West, and SXSW in the USA, BitSummit in Japan, and Gamescom in Germany.

As a company, SEMISOFT continuously evolves to push creative boundaries and is a key player in transforming the landscape of game productions in Indonesia.

This year is the SEMISOFT’s second participation in Game Connection America 2019. Last year, the company successfully met its publisher, Dico, who helped them bring Legrand Legacy to the Japanese market.

“We want to participate in Game Connection America again because we’re now searching for a publisher and international funding for our game,” said AJ Jonathan, the COO of SEMISOFT. “Based on last year participation, we think that Game Connection America is the perfect place to do that,” he continued.

Last year, Legrand Legacy was its main highlight to attract the publisher. But for this year participation, it’s preparing a new console action RPG called Mark of the Beast. “We are also searching for another regional publisher for Legrand Legacy,” he continued.

Although Mark of the Beast hasn’t provided any screenshots, teasers or trailers yet, AJ gives us some synopsis for the game:

Embark on an epic adventure in a vast land where humans and beasts clash for dominion. Aurelia is specially trained by her military to combat beasts but when her life is saved by the very target she’s trained to kill; she starts wondering about the justice she’s executing.

Upon stumbling a newfound power where she has to depend on beasts, the line between allies and enemies start to blur. Will there come a day when humans and beasts can coexist alongside each other?

Mark of the Beast is a brand new ACTION RPG title from SEMISOFT Studios. Other than your regular hack and slash, Aurelia can also summon beasts to aid her in combat, hence player has the freedom to fight whichever style that suits them.

Sounds interesting? Let’s wait for more information after its participation in Game Connection America 2019!

Game Connection America 2019, Opening Gate for The Future Collaborations in Game Industry

Labeled as "The Deal Making Event", every year, Game Connection America 2019 helps thousands of game company to find their potential partners.

“In Game Connection America 2019, we hope that we will be able to start talking to publishers who will be interested in this project as much as we are,” he ended.

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