Indonesian Delegations’ Activity at GCA 2019: Not Just Showcasing the Game

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In this event they also met and discussed with their potential partners for the future collaborations.

Game Connection America 2019 (GCA 2019) was the second participation of Indonesian delegations. Last year in GCA 2018, some of the companies successfully met their potential partner and did some collaboration. What about this year?

The first two days of the GCA 2019 was held at Oracle Park, San Francisco. In that event, every delegation got a space in part of the Archipelageek initiative from BEKRAF and AGI.

game connection america 2019

In that booth, they showcased their games and also met with their potential partners. Thanks to the meeting app from the organizer, they had settled up the meeting long before they arrived in San Francisco. So when the specific time came, they just waited in their booth or went directly to the meeting point to meet with their partner.

Some developers showcased their latest games that were currently in development, such as SEMISOFT with its RPG Mark of the Beast, GameChanger Studio who brought My Lovely Wife, Pirate War Mobile from Wisageni Studio and also Day One from Everidea Interactive.

game connection america 2019

Not only that. Sometimes there were people who just wander around and then came to the developer’s booth after seeing the promotional image or trailer. Not long after that, they both engaged in a conversation and discussed what they can do together.

Although the companies had a tight schedule, their meetings were super effective. Many of the discussion just went to the point and finished in only 15-20 minutes. Both of them just shared what they wanted and what to offer each other, and if they had the same vision, most of the conversation would continue virtually.

game connection america 2019

Some of the delegations also said that their potential partners sometimes asked them to send the playable build to test intensively so the partners could give feedback to them.

Most of the delegations said that there were looking for publishers, and they already found the potential one in that event. Some of the others got co-development offers or outsourcing opportunity from overseas companies.

Game Connection America 2019: How This Deal-Making Event Helps to Find a Right Partner in the Game Industry

As a deal-making event, Game Connection America 2019 helps the game companies to find a better partner for their business.

At the end of each day, there was a review meeting between all of the delegations with BEKRAF and AGI. Each of delegation shared what they had done on that day, and also the result. The participants expect that in the three months ahead, there will be a deal signed between Indonesian and overseas companies.

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