What Developers Should Prepare Before Attending GCA 2019 & GDC 2019?

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

There are some tips on how to make developers well-prepared for this event such as how to maximize the business meetings, how to adapt to the conditions, and how to protect the IP.

Exhibiting your game in international game events is a good decision. Not only can you get the feedback from the international audiences but you can also get some partnership potentials for the future.

But it’s not an easy task. First, surely it isn’t as cheap as when you exhibit in regional events, especially if you participate in Europe or US-based events. Second, logistic things can be a problem. And last but not least, traveling to a new country and adapting to its condition surely will take time.

That’s why, before Indonesian delegations fly to San Francisco to participate in Game Connection America 2019 (GCA 2019) and Game Developers Conference 2019 (GDC 2019) next month, they got some briefing to make them well-prepared in those events. The briefing session was already conducted mid-February in Bandung.

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The briefing session was held for one and a half days. During that time, the developers/publishers got some insight about what they should prepare before flying to San Francisco, how to adapt to the US’ condition, and how they can maximize their participation in that event.

What the Indonesian delegations will do in San Francisco?

In the beginning, Indonesia Game Association (AGI) shared a lot about the agenda while they are in San Francisco. The main agenda surely is to participate in GCA 2019 that will be held for two days, March 18 and 19, 2019. In that event, 10 Indonesian developers/publishers will exhibit their games under Indonesian pavilion that is fully supported by Archipelageek initiative from BEKRAF.

gca 2019 gdc 2019

Besides that, there are some agendas that must be followed by the developers. After exhibiting for two days and seeking collaborations in GCA 2019, the delegations will visit game and technology companies that are based on San Francisco such as Google and Facebook. Also, there will be a networking party at Wisma KJRI with Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in the US, BEKRAF, and some local diaspora.

In the last two days, the Indonesian delegations will also visit GDC 2019. In that event, the delegations will learn about the game industry’s trend and seek a new partner for future collaborations.

Some tips for GCA 2019

gca 2019 gdc 2019

In the next session, Agate, SEMISOFT also shared their last year’s experience, especially on how to maximize the business meetings. They both agreed that the meeting application provided by the GCA 2019’s organizer is a good way to start. So, they suggested the participants maximize it to arrange some meetings starting from now.

About the business meetings, they also recommended avoiding giving booklet/paper things when doing business meetings. “Because after meeting with us, the potential client will have some other meetings. So, it will a troublesome for them if they bring booklet/paper that you give,” said Dave from Agate. “It will be better if you give them the digital copy, or give them something that can fit in their pocket,” he continued.

AJ Jonathan from SEMISOFT also shared a lot about the supporting events that will happen along the game industry week in San Francisco. “Mostly, it’s a networking or after-party event. You can search for it on Eventbrite, choose the event that will fit with your business, and attend it,” he said.

To adapt to the different time zone, especially to the jetlag, Gede Mahartapa from GudangVoucher also had some explanation. “Basically, every people has different reactions to the jetlag. There are people who only need one or two days to recover from jetlag, but there are also people who need more than that,” said Gede.

“Treat the time normally as you live in Indonesia. If it’s the time to sleep while you on a plane, maximize it although it’s not night yet,” he continued.

How important it is to pay attention to your IP

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When we talk about collaboration, protect the Intelectual Property (IP) is one of the most important things. So, on the second day of the briefing, Robinson Sinaga, the Director of IP facilitation from Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) shared a lot about the IP management, and how the developers can protect it.

Robinson shared the classification of IP that can be used inside a game. They are:

  • Copyrights, such as game music, code, story, character, art, box design, and website design.
  • Trade Secret, such as customer mailing list, pricing information, publisher’s contract, middleware contract, developer’s contract, in house development tools, and deal terms.
  • Brand, such as company name, company logo, game title, game subtitle, and identifiable “catchphrases” associated with the game company.
  • Patents, such as inventive gameplay or game design elements and technical innovations.

Copyrights can be obtained declaratively. The developer can get the rights automatically when they first publish it. But the other three (Trade Secret, Brand, and Patent) can be obtained constitutively. The developers should submit it first before they get the rights.

gca 2019 gdc 2019

With Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI Aim to Help Indonesian Games to Reach the Global Market

With the Archipelageek in GCA 2019, BEKRAF and AGI aim to help Indonesian developers/publishers to get global recognition and find a new opportunity.

The most important things for the developers is Copyright. After they publish it, they get the rights not only in Indonesia but also in more than 171 countries around the world who ratify The Berne Convention. To get the rights, the developers simply record their publication (written or electronic form) and the work should be original.

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