Circus Politicus Released, Mark Toge Productions’ Debut in Board Game Industry

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

A political-parody themed board game with an interesting visual

Toge Productions was known as a digital game developer and publisher for the past decade. The company has released tens of digital games, starting from flash web-based games to mobile, PC and console games. Recently, it published Azure Saga: Pathfinder, an RPG created by Bandung-based studio Masshive Media for Nintendo Switch.

After a decade, Toge Productions is now trying to enter the board game industry. It has released its debut in this industry with a political-themed board game called Circus Politicus.

Circus Politicus

Circus Politicus is a card game heavily inspired by events happening in the electoral season, served with an interesting cartoon visual. The visual is created by a Jakarta-based illustrator WD Willy.

Circus Politicus

In this card game, you will meet some of the world’s country leaders, but in an exaggerated-caricature version such as Jokowo (from Indonesia’s president Joko Widodo), Jim Kong Un (from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un) and Donald Trump (from US’ Donald Trump).

Circus Politicus will put you as a manager for the candidate’s campaign success team. You should manage your strategy to get the most vote and win your political agenda.

Circus Politicus

This game also educates people about political strategies, so they will know which strategy is good or bad for their nation’s integrity. It’s a perfect time for this game to be released in Indonesia as the Indonesians will have the presidential election in this mid-April 2019.

The prototype of this game was created when the Global Game Jam in Jakarta early 2017. “We already saw the potential when we first try the prototype in that Global Game Jam,” said Kris Antoni, the CEO of Toge Productions according to the official statement.

Circus Politicus

“A lot of discussions took place to determine the theme of this game. But after we saw the updated rules and the discussion on the internet, we decided to create Circus Politicus as a political parody-themed,” he added.

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The card game is already available in some board game stores in Indonesia and can also be ordered through an online marketplace with a price of  IDR200.000 or around US$15. 

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