EURGAVA-Tomb of Senza Released, A Retro Side-Scrolling Action RPG from One-Man Army Studio

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

This game is part of the EURGAVA story and the sequel of Fight of Haaria which was released two years ago.

Usually, developing a video game needs more than one person to finish. But sometimes, even a single developer can finish it alone and the result is good. One of them is Ibrahim Indra Baskara, a one-man army who based on Bekasi, Indonesia. Recently, he had finished a game titled EURGAVA-Tomb of Senza, all by himself, and released it on PC.

Tomb of Senza is the part of EURGAVA story and acts as a sequel for the Fight for Haaria which was released around two years ago. This is a side-scrolling beat-em-up action RPG which tells about a plague which will spread around the world and kill all the people (including you) in less than a year.

You will portray as a witch who is affected by the disease. You should travel to Dokia to get the medicine and also stop the plague before your time is running out.

Tomb of Senza has some uniqueness that the other action RPG doesn’t. First, it offers a retro pixel graphic that will bring your nostalgic feels back to ’90s. And the second, you will feel the witch’s complicated story: affected by the disease, hunted by everyone, and suspected by the villagers as a person who brings the plague.

Eurgava Tomb of Senza

And also an important note: pay attention to the time. Your disease will get worse time by time. So, you should finish your mission in less than a year or else you will be killed by your disease.

Eurgava Tomb of Senza

Another key point from this game is the dialogue. Sometimes, you will face some simple decision making. But whatever your decision is, it can affect the following dialogue and also affect the whole story. You can also build your reputation. So slowly but sure, you can get villagers’ trust and get them to help you accomplish your mission.

Eurgava Tomb of Senza

Eurgava Tomb of Senza

Tomb of Senza can be played both using the keyboard or the controller. The game is already out now, and you can get it for US$10 both on Steam or GameJolt. You can also try the demo for free in the GameJolt.

EURGAVA-Tomb of Senza download: Steam/GameJolt

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