Defeating Japan, Indonesian Players Are the Champions of the PES League Asia 2019!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

They successfully grabbed both Solo and Co-op champion titles and will continue their journey to the World Finals.

Another great news comes to Indonesia eSports scene. Several Indonesian Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) players who competed in PES League Asia 2019 dominated the competition and grabbed the champion title both in 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 co-op tournament!

Rizky Faidan who had won the champion title in the SEA Finals last March continued his awesome performance in this Asia regional final held in Japan, 20-21 April 2019. The Indonesian wonder kid not just won only one, but two titles in this competition. Besides grabbing the champion title Solo tournament, he also won the Co-op tournament with Lucky Ma’arif and Rio DS.

pes league asia 2019Left to right: Faidan, Lucky and Rio

The titles set a new record for Indonesian players. For the first time, they can grab the Asia champion title, as well as compete in the World Finals. With these titles, Rizky Faidan, Lucky Ma’arif, and Rio DS will represent Indonesia and also Asia in the PES League World Finals 2019 that will be held in June 2019.

Broke the Japan Domination

pes league asia 2019

Faidan who competed in the 1 vs 1 tournament had surprised everyone since the group stage. In the same group with one of Japan’s best player Leva, Rizky surprisingly was qualified to proceed to the knockout round as a group champion. Even in the last match, he can beat Leva with a massive score, 4-0.

In the quarterfinals, Faidan showed his magic again when he faced his compatriot, Paudie. Left behind 1-3 in the first half, Faidan made an epic comeback when he scored six goals in the second half and won the match with a 7-4 score.

pes league asia 2019

In the semifinals, the 16-years old boy defeated another underdog from Hong Kong, Verrysutton with 1-0 score. In the final match, he defeated another Japan’s best player, Mayageka in a tight match with a 3-2 score and claimed Asia champion title.

Faidan’s great performance in Solo Match continued in the co-op match when Indonesian team WANI grabbed the champion title. With Rio and Lucky Ma’arif, WANI successfully defeated Japan team Beginners also with a 3-2 score in the final match.

pes league asia 2019

As the youngest player in the competition, Faidan, also set a new record as a player who successfully received two champion titles in the Regional Finals. With this title, Faidan, Lucky and Rio will represent Asia to compete with the world’s best players in PES League World Finals 2019.

Dominating the Competition, Indonesia is the Champion of PES SEA Finals 2019

Indonesian player, Rizky Faidan is the champion of PES SEA Finals 2019 after defeating Vietnam Player, Jesus, in the final match. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Faidan, Lucky and Rio! Hope those Indonesian players can be strong contenders in the World Finals, or maybe, become the world champions.

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