Lesson from Game Connection America 2019: Tips on Attending This Deal-Making Event

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In this article, several Indonesian developers and publishers share their insight about their participation in GCA 2019.

For the second time in a row, last month several Indonesian game developers and publishers participated in Game Connection America 2019 (GCA 2019). Under the Archipelageek initiative from Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) and Indonesia Game Association (AGI), they showcased their products and also set up some meetings with the new potential partners.

As a “deal-making event”, GCA 2019 surely is a perfect place for the game industry’s stakeholder to look for a new opportunity. Every year, there were more than 7,700 deals done through this event, with an average ROI of around US$300,000.

For five days in a row, 11 Indonesia game industry’s stakeholders filled in their agenda with more and more meetings. They were Agate, Arsanesia, SEMISOFT, GameChanger Studio, MassHive Media, Megaxus, GameLevelOne, Everidea Interactive, Wisageni, CIAYO Games and GudangVoucher.

What are the lessons learned from the event? Here are insights from some of the participants.

How the event helps a developer to find their publisher

game connection america 2019

Finding the right publisher for a game is not an easy task. There are several aspects that the developer should check before meeting a potential publisher and then make a deal with them. So, did GCA 2019 help Indonesian developers to find the right publishers?

“GCA 2019 has a good quality and world-class participants, so it allows us to create a bigger business deal than before,” said Adam Ardisasmita, the CEO of Arsanesia, a Bandung-based developer who focused on mobile and education game. “GCA 2019 is a perfect place for the game developers who want to find new publishers or publishers who want to offer their services,” he continued.

game connection america 2019

Adam also said that from the event, he had met with some potential publishers for Summer Town, Arsanesia’s latest mobile game. “There are some publishers from the US, China, and Europe who are interested with Summer Town. Now, we’re discussing further with them,” he added.

Furthermore, Adam gave his comment to the meeting app that provided by GCA 2019. “It’s a great app. The app makes us arrange the meeting much easier and on target. So, it leverages the deal chance,” Adam explained.

Same as Arsanesia, Tangerang-based GameChanger Studio also said that they also met some potential publishers for their future title. “Although there is no deal yet, we are on the right process into there,” said Riris Marpaung, the CEO of GameChanger Studio.

How the event helps the publisher to find a new game

game connection america 2019

Among the others, Megaxus is one of the delegations that focuses on game publishing services. They were looking for a new game to publish in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and offer a complete solution for the developers.

“GCA 2019 is the truly B2B event, so we used all of our time to do meetings with developers,” said Felix Darmoko, Brand Manager and Overseas Business Development of Megaxus. “The most interesting thing from this event is the developers are come from all around the world, not only from the US and Latin America,” he added.

Same as the others, Megaxus also said that they don’t get any deals yet because game publishing has a long and complicated process. But they said that they got so many potential deals for the future. “For the process, we started with testing the game, learning about the features, discussing the future development plan, and talking about the deal (such as the revenue sharing). After that, we continued the discussion to technical aspects such as server setup and many more,” he explained.

Learn from the past for a better result

game connection america 2019Indonesia pavilion at Game Connection America 2019

For this year participation, AGI as the organizer learned from the previous participation in GCA 2018. The result is, this year participation gains more success than last year’s. “Besides we have more participants, this year we also provide accommodation for them so they can stay in San Francisco longer to do other activities such as attending the GDC 2019 and do the company visit,” said Cipto Adiguno from AGI. For additional note, last year Archipelageek only provided the booth and construction without the accommodation.

Cipto also said that they also met their expectations. “Archipelageek’s target is to establish a connection and collaboration between game industry’s stakeholders. From this year of participation, there are more than 150 meetings happened. Looking at the result, we can say that Archipelageek at GCA 2019 already achieves its target,” he continued.

Another aspect that makes this year different from last year is the goodie bag. For this year, every booth has some goodie bags that they can give to their potential partners after they finish the meetings. “The tote bag gives a good impression to our guest because it’s exclusive and limited edition,” Cipto added.

“We hope that Archipelageek can participate in other business events that as effective as GCA such as Gamescom in Germany,” he ended.

Tips on how to prepare yourself for B2B events

game connection america 2019

B2B events are very different from B2C events. You are not only preparing your game but also should prepare for the meetings. You should prepare yourself to do meetings all day long. Who knows, the last person that you will meet at the end of the day is your most potential partner.

How to prepare yourself for the B2B events and do all the meetings? Riris from GameChanger Studio has some tips for you.

The most important thing: prepare yourself!

For GCA 2019 case, the preparation is not only using the meeting application in the right way. “But we should prepare the “weapons” that we will bring along the meetings,” said Riris.

Riris also explain that in the GCA 2019, they bring some USB flash drives that contain all of the meeting materials, such as the pitch deck, trailer, and the game demo. “We bring wooden material flash disks so it looks more ethnic.

Why you should do this? “When meetings, can’t obtain all of the information in the short time. So, with these flash disks, they can take a look again the meeting files when they fly back to their office,” said Riris.

Not only that, by using this way, you will get a good impression from your partner. “Our partners gave a positive comment about this, and said that the flash disk is the best name card that they have received on that day,” she continued.

Stay focus and learn about your partner

GCA 2019 was not the first B2B event for Riris. But she said that she still got nervous before the meetings, and suddenly, she lost her focus and forgot about the meeting’s details.

If you ever face that situation, Riris has some tips. “Long before the meeting happens, learn about the person who you will meet and what your purpose is with him/her. So, I can say that every person that we meet will get a different approach and treatment,” she continued. “And also, don’t forget to create some small notes about that,” she ended.

game connection america 2019

Maximize all the meetings in the main event

GCA 2019 was held in five days. The first two days, GCA 2019 was held in Oracle Park where every Indonesian developer and publisher had their own booth. And the last three days, the event took place in Tabletop Taphouse in the downtown of San Francisco, where the meetings looked more casual.

Game Connection America 2019: How This Deal-Making Event Helps to Find a Right Partner in the Game Industry

As a deal-making event, Game Connection America 2019 helps the game companies to find a better partner for their business.

Maximize all the meetings in the first two days is very important. “More than 95% of our meetings happened in our booth when in the first two days. We’re very satisfied with the result,” Riris said. “And then, we do the rest at the last three days in the Tabletop Taphouse. The last three days were less effective because the place is too small and too crowded, so we can easily lose our focus,” she ended.

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