Indonesian Adventure Game Ghost Parade Set to Release in Fall 2019

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The game will be available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC both in the digital and physical versions.

Another Indonesian game is set to release for the console and PC. It’s Ghost Parade, an action platformer developed by a Bandung-based studio Lentera Nusantara and published by Aksys Games. The game is set to release for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch this fall 2019.

Ghost Parade itself is a side-scrolling game surrounded by a beautiful, magical and mythical atmosphere. It tells the story of a girl, named Suri, who gets lost in a forest and tries to get back home.

Along the way, she befriends many mythical ghosts inside the forest to guide her. In return, the ghosts need Suri to help them take back the forest from humans that destroyed it.

To prepare the launch, Aksys Games recently released its official trailer that you can watch below. In this trailer, you can see a glimpse of the gameplay, that mixed action, side scrolling, platformer, and also some puzzles to solve. You can also see some of the ghost ability that can help you through your adventure.

To accomplish the mission, Suri will get support from around 30 available ghost companions with their different skills. Also, you can interact with up to 70 helpful spirits over the course of your adventure.

The most interesting about the project is, Ghost Parade does not only come in the form of a game. Lentera Nusantara also brings the IP to other media, such as webcomic and also some merchandise. If you visit their official site, you can see some merchandise based on this IP ranging from t-shirts to a ghost encyclopedia titled Bausastra Lelembut.

Ghost Parade

There’s still no exact release date for Ghost Parade. Aksys Games only said that the game will be released in Fall 2019. But they are now open the pre-order session on their site for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We also mentioned in our previous article that Ghost Parade is one of our most anticipated titles for this year.

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Aksys Games will provide both digital and physical version for each console platform. This makes Ghost Parade is one of the few Indonesian games that are available in the physical version for the console.

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