Indonesian Developers at Gamescom: Opening the Gate to the New Market

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The event already helped some Indonesian developers to get some new potential partners and exposure for their game.

As one of the largest game events in the world, surely Gamescom is an interesting thing for game companies. Usually, big game companies use this event to announce their new title, same as what they do in other big events such as E3 and Tokyo Game Show. So, no wonder that every year, this event is attended by hundreds of thousand visitors from around the world.

Gamescom is an annual game event that takes place in Cologne, Germany. For Gamescom 2019, it will be held in five days in a row, from 20 to 24 August 2019. Starting from next year, Gamescom will expand its event to Asia with an event dubbed Gamescom Asia 2020.

Indonesian developers at Gamescom

This year’s Gamescom will be a special event for Indonesian game developers. For the first time, the Archipelageek initiative from Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) and Indonesia Game Association (AGI) will participate. This time, this initiative will bring 10 Indonesian game companies to expand their business in Europe, ranging from game developers, publishers, to eSports organizers.

Here are them:

  1. Komodoz (game company that focuses on doing AAA game assets outsourcing)
  2. Agate International (game developer and publisher)
  3. IESPL (eSports organizer)
  4. Masshive Media (game developer)
  5. Megaxus Infotech (game publisher)
  6. Plexus & Oray (game developer)
  7. Ozysoft Digital (game developer)
  8. Wawa Games (game developer)
  9. Touchten Games (game developer)
  10. Everidea Interactive (multimedia interactive company)

Although this is the first time Archipelageek will participate, some Indonesian companies already participated in the last two events in 2017 and 2018. In 2017, there were Toge Productions, Lentera Nusantara, and SEMISOFT who flew to this event. Toge Productions attended as a business visitor, Lentera Nusantara opened a booth both in B2B and B2C days, and SEMISOFT exhibited their game in Indie Arena.

gamescomSource: Gamasutra Blog

“In 2017 we got some new connections,” said Fahmi Hasni, PR Manager from Toge Productions who attended the 2017 event as a business visitor. “Mostly, we met with PR agencies and localization companies, because at that time, we were looking for them,” he continued.

Toge Productions was the only company attended the event in both 2017 and 2018. “In 2018, we promoted Ultra Space Battle Brawl in Indie Arena. Also, we met one of Nintendo America’s representatives there who helped us a lot,” he continued.

gamescomLegrand Legacy in Gamescom 2017

Gamescom’s B2C day is also a great place if you want to exhibit your latest game. In 2017, Lentera Nusantara exhibited its platformer game, Ghost Parade which will be released soon for PC, PS4, and Switch. Another Indonesian developer, SEMISOFT also exhibited its RPG Legrand Legacy in Indie Arena.

Gamescom offers a lot of potentials, especially if you want to enter the Europe market. But before you decide whether you will go there or not, Fahmi from Toge Productions, Azizah from Lentera Nusantara, and Revinia from SEMISOFT have some advice that you can read here.

indonesian developers gamescomGhost Parade at Gamescom 2017

“One thing you need to get done before deciding anything else is finding the reason why you need to go to Gamescom. Is it finding a publisher? Connecting with platform owners? Looking for outsourcing job? Or planning to introduce your game to the public? It will be better if you go to the event, not only to achieve one target but as many targets as possible,” said Fahmi.

Before the participation in Gamescom 2019, last March, the Archipelageek initiative also participated in Game Connection America 2019. The initiative already helped some game companies to find their potential partners, such as publishers, developers, or content providers who were mostly based in the US.

Lessons from Gamescom 2017: Do’s and Don’ts On Attending Gamescom as Indie Developers

Attending a big gaming expo like Gamescom, E3 and Tokyo Game Show, especially as an indie developer, understandably you need a thorough preparation.

In Gamescom 2019, the ten selected game companies will get a booth in Indonesia Pavilion in Gamescom’s B2B area. Besides that, two representatives from each company will get shared accommodation and access to Gamescom 2019’s matchmaking system. This system can be used to arrange some meetings with the other companies before they fly to the event.

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