Raising-Simulator Game My Lovely Daughter is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

You can get it from Nintendo Switch eShop starting from now.

After gaining success on Steam, raising-simulator game My Lovely Daughter is now available on Nintendo Switch. You can get it from Nintendo eShop.

My Lovely Daughter was named as one of Indonesian-developed game in 2018. Released for Steam on March 2018, this game offers a raising-simulator genre, mixed with the wood-cut art style.

After one year on Steam, now GameChanger Studio is bringing the game on Nintendo Switch by collaborating again with its publisher, Toge Productions. It also marks the GameChanger Studio’s debut on console since it was founded in 2013 by two academicians.

My Lovely Daughter has a dark story and theme. In this game, you play as Faust who is missing his late daughter. He wants to revive her back. So, with his alchemy skill, he tries to live up his daughter’s soul by “feeding” her using a creature called homunculi.

Faust should craft and raise the homunculi to get the suitable affinity that he can use to revive his daughter. If the homunculi have a good enough affinity, Faust can kill them and feed their souls to his daughter’s soul. The right combination of affinity can bring back his daughter to live normally. If wrong, he can still revive his daughter, but his daughter’s affinity will follow the homunculi that you’ve sacrificed.

gamechanger studio my lovely daughter postmortem

As a simulation game, the gameplay is quite simple but you should pay attention to every detail. The gameplay follows this pattern: craft homunculi – raise them – bring them to the town to do some job – sacrifice them to get their soul – feed their soul to the Faust daughter’s soul.

Before it’s hitting the Nintendo Switch, My Lovely Daughter already got Mostly Positive review on Steam. This game also got some achievements, such as the Best Visual Arts in LevelUp KL Southeast Asia Game Award 2017 and was named as one of the’s best Southeast Asian Games in 2018.

gamechanger studio my lovely daughter postmortem

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The game is available digitally on Nintendo Switch eShop starting from 23rd of May and you can get it for US$14.99. You can also check the development story on our previous article here.

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