Here are the Top Game Studios That Have a Chance to Exhibit in BEKRAF Game Prime 2019!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

They will exhibit their latest game to thousands of gamers in BEKRAF Game Prime 2019. Congratulations!

After opening the submissions, the curators decided on the top Indonesian indie studios and board games that have a chance to exhibit their game in BEKRAF Game Prime 2019!

Game showcase (both digital and board game) is always one of the main contents in BEKRAF Game Prime. Every year, there are tens of Indonesian indie game developers and board game designers who get a chance to exhibit their latest games in that event for free. This is part of the BEKRAF Game Prime’s mission, which is to help the local games to get more exposure through this event.

As we know, until now only less than 2% of the Indonesian market goes to the local developers. So, hopefully with their participation, it can increase the awareness of local games, and in the end, can increase the local developers’ revenue from local gamers.

Since the submissions were opened last April 2019, more than 100 games were submitted from all platform. After the submissions were closed, a team of curators worked hard to select the top games. They were Adam Ardisasmita (CEO of Arsanesia/Managing Director of Indonesia Game Association), Riris Marpaung (CEO of GameChanger Studio), Dodick Sudirman (CCO of GameChanger Studio), Fahrul Razi (Lead Editor of Duniaku.net) and Febrianto Nur Anwari (Lead Editor of Gameprime.org).

The top game studios and board game creators not only get a chance to exhibit in Indonesia’s biggest game industry event, but they also can utilize this government’s support to get feedback directly from their potential users or acquire more users when the game is released.

So, here are they!

indie game bekraf game prime 2019

Digital Game Developers

  • Mojiken
  • Critical Forge
  • StoryTale Studios
  • Wawa Games
  • Niji Games
  • SEMISOFT Entertainment Studios
  • Tebak Gambar
  • Studio Namaapa
  • Anoman Studio
  • Krakatoa Studio
  • Assemblr
  • Gambir Studio
  • Freemergency
  • SoftLeafGame
  • GameLevelOne
  • MAENTRUS Digital Lab
  • U2 Studio
  • Ikan Asin Productions
  • Plexus & Oray Studios
  • SLAB Games
  • Calcatz
  • ESproject
  • Dragon Emperors
  • Team Esque
  • GingerSun Games
  • Miraimimpi
  • DIF Games
  • Black Fox Studio
  • Benua Softworks
  • Krunchisoft
  • Mostdeep Games
  • Nusantara Free Creative
  • 4Happy Studio
  • Entity House
  • Mozaic Heaven
  • Imagine Fantasia
  • Eternal Dream Studio
  • Kawarna Studio
  • TeamLess
  • Glyphis
  • Gametech
  • MMTC
  • Beat Fu Studio
  • BhimZ Studio
  • GrinSmile
  • Kotak Kreatif
  • Evernade Vadis
  • GINVO Studio
  • FoyaFoyaSoft

indie game bekraf game prime 2019

Board Games Creators/Publishers

  • Demeira Nusantara
  • Educa Studio
  • Coralis Entertainment
  • Congkak Fun Factory
  • FeiraTochi Studio
  • Social Designee
  • Sebangku
  • Segara Indonesia Games
  • #ObatManjur
  • Julius Setiadi Project
  • Mechanimotion Entertainment
  • Masbro
  • Memento Craft
  • Toge Productions

Congratulations to all the winners! We will send you a confirmation email to inform you what to do next for the exhibition.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 Date Confirmed, Now Inviting Game Developers to Join the Show!

The biggest game industry event in Indonesia, BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 will be back. Now, Indonesian game developers can submit their games to join the show

BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 will be held in two days (July 13 and 14) in Balai Kartini Expo Hall, Jakarta. In this event, thousands of gamers will gather and play all day long in hundreds of booth available on site. Some local companies will showcase their latest products, and around 50 Indonesian indie game developers will share their latest projects. Visitors will be entertained not only by digital games, but they can also enjoy VR experience, board game, Toys, Cosplay performance, Artist Alley, eSports competition, and many more.

You can get the event ticket for free by visiting this link.

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