Record-Breaking! More Than 23,000 Gamers Visit BEKRAF Game Prime 2019!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The organizer announced that this two days event was attended by 23,472 visitors or 33% higher than last year’s!

With more than 23,000 visitors in two days, BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 officially breaks the record from last year’s event!

BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 which was held on 13 and 14 July already set a new record. The organizer announced that this two days event was attended by 23,472 visitors or 33% higher than last year’s.

bekraf game prime 2019

This year’s format was slightly different from last year’s. In BEKRAF Game Prime 2019, the organizer did not hold the business day anymore. They stayed focus on maximizing the two public days, by adding more content and improving the quality. These improvements surely made BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 the biggest game event in Indonesia still, as well as an event that is conveniently visited by the gamers.

As a side note, last year’s BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 was held for three days and recorded 16,270 visitors in total.

Celebrate Local Games

bekraf game prime 2019

BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 still maintained its position as a place to celebrate local games. There were more than 100 locally made games to play, both digital games and actual board games. BEKRAF gave free booths to 50 best indie developers who successfully made their way through the curation process.

The interesting thing is, not all of the developers came from Java, the most populous island in Indonesia. Some developers came from other islands, such as Ozysoft from Balikpapan (Kalimantan), DIF Games from Batam (Sumatra) and Levenight from Palembang (Sumatra).

bekraf game prime 2019

Another interesting thing also, around 40% of the studios were newcomers in the Indonesian game industry and made their debut in this event. Although it’s their debut, some of the developers showed their promising project, such as Krakatoa Studios with its action RPG Fractals of Destiny and Calcatz with its Life of Strange-style game Undying Flower.

Some of Indonesia’s top game studios also took part in this event. Agate brought its top-selling game, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story along with some of their VR games. Digital Happiness, the studio behind DreadOut also introduced the sequel whose demo made its debut in this event.

bekraf game prime 2019

There were also 14 board game studios that showed their projects in this event. Some top titles can be played by the visitors in two days, such as Circus Politicus (Toge Productions), Bluffing Billionaires (Masbro), and Cenayang (Memento Craft), the three titles which were also nominated as the Tabletop/Board Game of the Year category in Game Prime Awards 2019.


bekraf game prime 2019

Retro Game Community Indonesia (RGCI) participated again in this year’s event. They brought some mini-arcade that can be played by visitors. They also held some classic game challenges with an interesting prize pool. If you are a collector, RGCI also sold some their classic and rare game console to be added to your collections.

Visitors who wanted to enjoy the more modern arcade feelings could stop at GT-SIM ID booth. GT-SIM ID provided three racing simulator stations that can be played and made you feel the real world racing atmosphere.

Clash of Titans esports tournament

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One of the highlights of BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 is the Mobile Legends eSports competition dubbed Clash of Titans. In two days, eight top professional Mobile Legends teams such as RRQ, Louvre, and Genflix Aerowolf competed in an invitational tournament. They competed with each other to win the IDR50 million prize pool.

The reigning champion, Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ), unfortunately, can’t defend the title that they got last year. They were beaten by Louvre in the semifinal. Louvre itself became the new champion after defeating Saints Indo in the final match.

Here are the winners of the Clash of Titans tournament

bekraf game prime 2019

Champion: Louvre

Runner-Up: Saints Indo

Third Place: RRQ

Awards for the best Indonesian games

bekraf game prime 2019

Every year, BEKRAF Game Prime always gives awards to the best Indonesia games, developers, and others through an event called Game Prime Awards. These awards were given to the winners of four available categories: Best Booth, Citizen Choice, Tabletop/Board Game of the Year and Game of the Year.

The winners are chosen by a group of judges that consists of representatives from BEKRAF, AGI, and some top Indonesian game journalist. They are:

  • Neil El Himam (Director of ICT Infrastructure, BEKRAF)
  • Adam Ardisasmita (Managing Director of AGI)
  • Jefri Sibarani (GGWP.ID)
  • Risky F Setyo Maulana (Tech in Asia Indonesia)
  • Yabes Elia (Hybrid.co.id)
  • Fachrul Razi (Duniaku.net)
  • Arya Wibowo (Gamereactor.id)
  • Estu Wibowo (Metaco.gg)
  • Ervan (Board Game Maker Class)

And the winners of Game Prime Awards 2019 are:

Game of the Year: Rage in Peace (Rolling Glory Jam/Published by Toge Productions)

Tabletop/Board Game of the Year: Jalan-jalan (Chiveus)

Best Booth: CIAYO Mart (CIAYO)

Citizen Choice: Jurit Malam (Gambir Game Studio)

bekraf game prime 2019

See you in BEKRAF Game Prime 2020 next year!

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