Archipelageek at Gamescom 2019’s Briefing Session: What Participants Should Do in This Europe’s Biggest Game Event

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The game companies got some insight on how to maximize the event for their business, and what they should prepare before they fly to Germany.

Last Tuesday (16 July 2019), representatives from ten Indonesian game companies to participate in Gamescom 2019 gathered in Ruang Aksi Game Indonesia (RAGI), Bandung. They attended the Gamescom 2019’s briefing session that was held by Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif/BEKRAF) and Indonesia Game Association (Asosiasi Game Indonesia/AGI). For one full day, they got some tips on how to prepare their participation in this Europe’s biggest game event, especially on how to maximize the business meetings.

These ten game companies will participate in Gamescom 2019 under Archipelageek initiative from BEKRAF and AGI. They are Everidea Interactive, IESPL, Masshive Media, Agate, Komodoz, Touchten Games, Wawa Games, Plexus & Oray Studios, and Ozysoft Digital. They will participate in the Gamescom’s B2B event in Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany from 20 to 24 August 2019.

gamescom 2019's briefing session

Although this will be the first time for Archipelageek to participate, some Indonesian companies already participated in the last two events in 2017 and 2018. So in this briefing session, Jonathan Manuel from Toge Productions and Shieny Aprilia from Agate came and shared their experience when they attended the show, both in B2B and B2C days.

As the biggest game event in Europe, Gamescom is arguably the best place for game companies to expand their network in Europe. But a tip from Jonathan and Shieny: don’t go there alone. Bring, at least, a partner to help you, to either do the meetings outside the booth or standby in the booth to welcome the visitor.

gamescom 2019's briefing sessionJonathan Manuel from Toge Productions and Shieny Aprilia from Agate

Shieny also gave advice for companies who want to bring a promotion material to the show. If it’s possible, avoid bringing and giving paper-made materials to the potential partners. “It will be troublesome for them to bring it from one meeting to another. Most likely, your paper material will end up in the trash bin,” Shieny said.

Rather than bringing the paper material, Shieny gave the advice to bring a paperless and more functional promotion material. “You can give them a USB flash disk containing all your materials such as trailers, concept arts, and screenshots of your game. Or you can send it directly through an email,” she continued.

Interested companies can also attend the Devcom 2019, the Gamescom’s developer conference which will take place on 18 and 19 August. There will be some networking events to attend every day in Gamescom. “But not all of them are important. Choose what networking event that will suit your business wisely. You still need rest to prepare your body and mind for the next day event,” said Jonathan.

The Gamescom’s meeting app (dubbed MeetToMatch) is a powerful tool to arrange the meetings before the show. So, both Jonathan and Shieny suggested the participants maximize it. The participants can do the meetings inside the Indonesian pavilion, or in the potential partner’s booth.

gamescom 2019's briefing session

To arrange the meetings, especially if the meetings is to happen in Indonesian’s pavilion, the participants should know the location first. To explain the pavilion, Jurike from Pedang Berlian also came and shared the location, layout, and what the companies should prepare to complete the booth set up.

Indonesian pavilion will take place on the second floor of Hall 03 Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany with a size of about 72 sqm. Every company will have a dedicated station to do their meetings, including the television to showcase their products. The pavilion will be easy to find with Indonesia’s hanging banner above it.

Cipto Adiguno as the new AGI’s President for 2019-2024 also came and shared the agenda when they in Cologne. Before the show, there will be a networking dinner which will also be attended by some of Germany’s game companies. So, it will be a nice place for them to know each other and discuss future collaboration.

gamescom 2019's briefing session

In this session, the participants did not only get some insight about participating in Gamescom but also how they could maximize it. There was also a filming session for the video profile. The profile will be shown in the Indonesian pavilion in Gamescom, in social media, and also in the press conference that will be held early August in Jakarta.

gamescom 2019's briefing session

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