Here are the Winners of Game Prime Awards 2019

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

It’s officially a wrap! We would like to congratulate to all the winners of Game Prime Awards 2019. Here’s a full list of the winners. 

It’s officially a wrap! We would like to congratulate all the winners of the Game Prime Awards 2019. Here’s a full list of the winners.

Every year, during BEKRAF Game Prime, we honor the developers through Game Prime Awards. For Game Prime Awards 2019, here is the winner list.

The winners were decided by juries from the game industry based on the nominees‘ total score.

Game of the Year: Rage in Peace (Toge Productions)

This year’s BEKRAF Game Prime Game of the Year went to Rage in Peace from Rolling Glory and Toge Productions. This very hard game is about a character who just wants to die in peace.

The gameplay itself is very challenging yet very solid and is one of the reasons that this game outscores other games in this category. Congratulations.

Tabletop Game of the Year: Jalan-Jalan (Chiveus)

For Tabletop Game of the Year goes to Jalan-Jalan from Chiveus. In Jalan-Jalan, everyone gathers to create the most perfect list of vacation plans, with all the destinations to visit.

Each destination is categorized differently: some are water-related, others are cultural-based, adventurous choices, and so on.

Once again, congratulations to Chiveus for creating a wonderful party game.

Best Booth: Ciayo Mart (Ciayo)

The best booth in BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 went to Ciayo Mart from Ciayo. This was a close one between them and Warteg Si Juki from Arsanesia.

The idea of bringing in a Mart inside BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 is an idea that rewarded them. Congratulations to Ciayo.

Citizen Choice: Jurit Malam feat Lola Zieta (Gambir Game Studio)

Lastly, we have the Citizen Choice category. And the award went to Gambir Studio’s Jurit Malam featuring Lola Zieta.

It’s not a surprise considering how popular Lola Zieta amongst gamers across Indonesia. And since Lola Zieta also made an appearance in their booth, it made the visitors happier.

Congratulations to Gambir Studio who is eligible to go to Game Start 2019 in Singapore.




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