Mark of the Beast First Impression: Clearly Potential to be a Hit

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Semisoft’s newest game was the first game that I wanted to try during BEKRAF Game Prime 2019. Here is my Mark of the Beast first impression.

During BEKRAF Game Prime 2019, visiting Semisoft’s booth was the very first thing I did. I wanted to try out their game Mark of the Beast, which is currently in development. Here is my Mark of the Beast first impression.

First of all, credits to Semisoft for showcasing their work in progress game, Mark of the Beast in BEKRAF Game Prime 2019. It has only been developed for four months by a team of developers, yet the game is already looking quite stunning.

Mark of the Beast is an action role-playing game/monster slayer game similar to the likes of Monster Hunter World and Dauntless.

However, Mark of the Beast tries to differ from the other monster slaying games by focusing on its story. Additionally, they also have a pet system that allows you to capture creatures to become your pet and to fight alongside you.

The first thing that came to my mind when playing this game was that the ecosystem of the game was quite stunning despite the game being only 10% finished.

The mountains, rivers, clouds, and monsters were just astonishing to see and very pleasing to the eye.

In terms of gameplay, I felt that the game wanted me to know that the jumping system was what’s unique. My character could basically jump 2-3 times in mid-air.

As I progressed through the game, it seemed pretty clear that this system was an important aspect of the game. It’s because fighting monsters often happened in mid-air (Which is awesome!!).

To make things even cooler, the character had these transparent wings when they were jumping!

In terms of fighting with monsters, there was a unique feature where you could actually capture the monster you (almost) slew and got them to fight for you.

It’s almost like a Pokemon system where you throw a Poke Ball to the Pokemon you want to catch. But in order to catch them, you can’t kill them.

Mark of the Beast First Impression

Semisoft wants to get feedback from BEKRAF Game Prime attendees first. Even so, I really hope they will continue the progress of this game.

It clearly has the potential to be a hit, not only in the Indonesian market but also globally. That is my Mark of the Beast first impression.

We will also be posting other articles from games that are showcased during BEKRAF Game Prime 2019.




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