Top 10 Indonesian Games at BEKRAF Game Prime 2019

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 is a wrap and here is our list of top 10 Indonesian games at the show.

Here is our list of top 10 Indonesian games at BEKRAF Game Prime 2019.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 is a wrap and here is our list of top 10 Indonesian games at the show.


Ciel Fledge - Studio Namaapa

Number 10 on our list is Ciel Fledge. It is a simulation game where your goal is to raise an adopted daughter for ten years. During those 10 years, she will grow into an adult, under your care and guidance.

Since our previous alpha review, Ciel Fledge has become a more stable and fun game to play. That is why they deserve our number 10 spot. Recently, Studio Namaapa announced that they will collaborate with PQube to publish the game to the international market.


Fractals of Destiny - Krakatoa Studios

Fractals of Destiny is an action RPG that is being developed by two brothers. The game is basically an RPG set in a futuristic fantasy world, where galactic travels become a norm. Human and alien races live together in galactic communities.

There are techs, magic, spaceships and also monsters. The technology is so advanced that every sentient being can communicate with each other via a high tech telecommunication system.


Si Juki : Warteg Mania - Arsanesia

Si Juki: Warteg Mania is a simulation game that utilizes iconic Indonesia’s comic character of Si Juki and also an Indonesian street food joint called Warteg.

Arsanesia has been introducing this game since BEKRAF Game Prime 2018. The very next year at BEKRAF Game Prime 2019, they went out with a bang. This can be seen through their booth design which features Warteg!

You can download Si Juki: Warteg Mania for Android here.


Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story - Agate

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is an RPG that lets you become a principal of a school. But not just an ordinary school, it is a school that trains heroes the art of combat and magic. The trained students will, then, be set forth in the world, picking up quests and setting off for adventure.

If we were to talk about successful games, it would be unfair to not talk about Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. In fact, the game successfully gained US$500.000 (or around IDR 7 billion) revenue from its first month’s sales. So it definitely deserves to be on our list

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is now available for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


Retrograde Arena - Freemergency

Retrograde Arena is a physics-based twin stick brawler with a twist where your weapons don’t kill other players, but the environment does. There are also various unique weapons to chose such as machine guns, railguns, shotguns,

Some weapons such as shoot bullets, some bounces back bullets, and some are just there to play around.  The game also has sort of retro-style graphics that bring you back in the days.

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