Gamescom 2019 Delegation Profile: MassHive Media

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In Gamescom 2019, MassHive Media will bring the playable demo of its latest title Potion Permit.

There are so many creative talents in Bandung, the capital city of West Java. One of them is MassHive Media, a five-year-old game studio that consists of 8 members.

Since its first operation in 2014, MassHive Media has released four unique games for multiplatform. The latest one was Azure Saga: Pathfinder that was recently released for Nintendo Switch after gaining positive responses when it was released on Steam.

Gamescom 2019 will be the second Archipelageek participation in this year for MassHive Media. Previously, they were also part of Archipelageek delegations who exhibited in Game Connection America 2019. With participation in such a big event, there were lots of lessons learned by the team.

gamescom 2019 masshive mediaMasshive Media at Game Connection America 2019

“We got a lot of knowledge from Game Connection America 2019,” said Anggia Lestari, the CEO of MassHive Media. “We know the market’s expectations for our products by getting a lot of feedback from our meeting partners,” she continued.

Not only knowledge but they also got other resources to help them in the production phase. “We got publisher contacts and useful resources to develop our game. The event has a positive impact on us. Until now, there are more than 10 publishers who are waiting for our latest game’s demo and communicate continuously with us,” she explained further.

For Gamescom 2019, MassHive Media will bring again the project that they brought for Game Connection America 2019 last March, Potion Permit. Potion Permit is a story rich simulation game packed with action RPG and rogue-lite elements, presented in a classic modern pixel art style. Anggia said that in Gamescom 2019, they will bring the playable demo of that game.

Keeping the ongoing communication with the publishers is one of the reasons why MassHive Media participate again in Gamescom 2019. “We will meet again with the publishers to show them the playable demo of Potion Permit, and continue to discuss the potential collaboration,” she added.

Game Connection America 2019: How This Deal-Making Event Helps to Find a Right Partner in the Game Industry

As a deal-making event, Game Connection America 2019 helps the game companies to find a better partner for their business.

As the biggest game event in Europe, Anggia also said that they will learn a lot about Europe gamer market. ” We are also searching for publishers for specific regions, such as for Europe only or China only,” she ended.

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