Gamescom 2019 Delegation Profile: Wawa Games

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Wawa Games will bring its unique live arcade game platform to the Gamescom 2019.

There are ten Indonesian game companies who will participate in Gamescom 2019 under Archipelageek program. Among them, Wawa Games is one of the participants that offers a unique product.

Wawa Games (PT.Wawa Gemilang Interaktif) is a technology company which focuses on live arcade game platform and application, Wawa in Indonesia. The members started their operation in September 2018 in Indonesia and targeted to reach the global market.

Wawa was the first live arcade game in Google Play and had grabbed more than 400,000 downloads since it’s released. The game had also achieved #1 Top Trending Arcade Game and consistently being on the top 5 Grossing Entertainment in the Google Play.

Gamescom 2019 will be the first international event for Wawa Games who is also one of the youngest participants. “We hope that we can introduce Wawa to the international market, as well as meeting the potential investor or business partner,” said Fauzi, the General Manager of Wawa Games. “So, we can collaborate together to expand Wawa’s business to the global market,” he continued.

Wawa is different from other arcade games in store. In Wawa, you can control and play real-life arcade games only using your smartphone. There are many arcades that you can play, ranging from Claw Machine to Cut the Strings. Of course, just like the real-life arcade in the arcade center, by playing Wawa you can get e-tickets and redeem it to get the prizes. You can also get prizes directly from a specific machine too, such as from the Claw Machine.

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After gaining success in Google Play, Wawa has also been released on the iTunes App Store earlier this month.

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