Indonesia Game Association Will Hold a Game Developer Conference Called IGDX This November

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

They will invite speakers from Unreal, KOEI Tecmo and Ubisoft to share their knowledge and insight about game industry.

Indonesia Game Association (AGI) introduces a new initiative to improve the Indonesian game developer’s skill and capability. They will hold an annual game developer conference called Indonesia Game Developer eXchange (IGDX) 2019 this November in Bandung, Indonesia.

According to the press release, IGDX 2019 is an annual event for game developers to meet and share their knowledge, as well as expand their network to establish a new opportunity in the future. The event will be held only for one day, 16 November 2019 in Universitas Binus, Bandung.

igdx 2019

IGDX 2019 is a unique event where some Indonesian top game studios work together as a team to plan and run the event. The event will continue the Game Developer Gathering (GDG) format, a previous game developer-centric event that had its last event in 2015.

Two formats, different goals

IGDX 2019Documentation from GDG Prime 2015

There will be two different formats in IGDX 2019, Super Conference and Super Class. In the Super Conference, there will be some top Indonesian and international game developers to share their insight and experience about the game industry. There will be diverse topics in the Super Conference, ranging from post mortem, current industry trend panel discussion, to some game development tips and tricks.

The second format, Super Class is a more intensive and intimate class-based learning that is only limited to 20 participants each class. There are three specific class: Game Design/Production, Programming, and Visual Art. It will be a full-day parallel class, so the participants can only choose one class that fits their skill and interest.

IGDX 2019

Some international speakers will share their knowledge and insight such as Gilbran Imami (KOEI Tecmo), Justin Ng (Ubisoft), Iain Garner (Another Indie) and Chris Murphy (Unreal). They will be joined with some Indonesian top game developers such as Steve Lie (Game5Mobile), Rachmad Imron (Digital Happiness), Eka Pramudita Muharram (Mojiken), and I Made Teguh (Agate).

Besides Super Conference and Super Class, there will be a showcase area for some curated Indonesian games. In this area, the developers can show their games and get some feedback from the participants to improve their game quality.

“Right now, the Indonesia game development ecosystem is much better than six years ago when AGI was first established,” said AGI President Cipto Adiguno according to the press release. “There are many developers that have a sustainable business both in Indonesian and international markets. Some of them are self-taught, driven by their passion to learn how to build a product, and from there become a professional,” he explained further about the current state of the Indonesian game developers.

IGDX 2019Documentation from GDG 2014

“Unfortunately, they are struggling to take the next step both in the game development and the digital business aspect, because of Indonesia doesn’t have a much-experienced mentor yet. This is the missing link in the Indonesian game industry, and I hope that IGDX can be a spark to start the exponential growth of this industry,” he ended.

“I hope that IGDX can be a shortcut for Indonesian game developer to improve their capacity and capability, so they can compete in the international market, as well as the local market,” said the Head of the IGDX Committee Adam Ardisasmita.

The registration for IGDX 2019 is now open, and the interested participants can buy the tickets through its official site. You can also visit the site to get more information about the speakers, as well as their schedules and topics.

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