Aksys Games to Release Indonesian Game Ghost Parade This Halloween

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

You can pre-order the game starting from now to get 20% off and bonus soundtrack!

Halloween will never be complete without the ghosts. So, to celebrate this year’s Halloween, Aksys Game is set to release Ghost Parade, a game developed by Indonesian developer Lentera Nusantara Studios.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Aksys confirmed that the game will be available on PS4 starting from October 31, 2019. In this platformer game, you will play as Suri, a young girl who gets lost in the woods while trying to take a shortcut home from school.

There, she encounters numerous ghosts, many of whom join her on her quest after being charmed by her bravery and kindness. When Suri discovers that greedy humans are threatening to destroy the forest and its mystical inhabitants, she knows she must act before her newfound friends lose everything they hold dear.

This game combines an action-platformer game with some puzzle elements. Suri can attack her enemy with some attacking moves such as swing her lantern or throw a rock. But she is not alone. Along the journey, Suri will meet some ghost companions that can help her to eliminate the enemy and solve the puzzle.

ghost parade ps4 nintendo switch pc

There will be more than 70 ghosts in this game, mostly taken from Indonesian culture. But you can only recruit 30 of them, which means only a maximum of 3 ghosts can accompany you at the same time. Each ghost has a special ability that can give you an advantage, and you can unlock more abilities by selecting the right combinations.

Although the ghosts were taken from Indonesian culture, Lentera Nusantara Studios reimagined them so the game looks cute rather than frightening. They also have unique personalities that will add some story to the game.

ghost parade ps4 nintendo switch pc

“In Ghost Parade, we don’t want to make the ghost characters scary and antagonizing like ghosts in other games,” said a spokesperson for Lentera Nusantara Studios as stated in the PS Blog. “We want the audience to know more about our lelembut [spirits], rather than be frightened by them.”

Moreover, Lentera also said that they had begun to develop this game since 2015, and drew some inspirations from Spirited Away and Pokemon.

Also comes in a physical version

ghost parade ps4 nintendo switch pc

The pre-orders are now open and you can get your copy through Aksys official site. If you pre-order the game now, you will receive 20% off, and the first 1,000 copies will also be included with 22 songs, a 56-minute soundtrack featuring a stunning score from various Indonesian bands and musicians.

Lentera Nusantara Studios also confirmed that the game will also available in a physical version for Region 1 and 2.

Ghost Parade: Another Indonesian Game Sets For Console in 2019

Ghost Parade, a 2D side-scrolling adventure game developed by Indonesian studio Lentera. It is coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam in 2019. 

Besides for PS4, Ghost Parade will also be available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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