Learn from the Pros! Evil Geniuses Trained SEA’s Dota 2 Teams for SEA Games 2019

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines trained together with Evil Geniuses in a two-days boot camp in Singapore

Three months before SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines, some SEA’s Dota 2 national teams got precious lessons from one of the top Dota 2 professional teams, Evil Geniuses.

Last week (2-3 September 2019), four Dota 2 national teams gathered in Singapore. They participated in Razer Sea Games Bootcamp as one of the preparation processes for SEA Games 2019 that will be held in the Philippines.

evil geniuses dota 2 sea games 2019

Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines learned from one of the top Dota 2 professional teams, Evil Geniuses in a two-day intensive boot camp. Evil Geniuses’ coach, Sam ‘BuLba’ Sosale, also trained and gave them some strategy on how to play it like a pro. They also got a chance to face each other in sparring matches.

During the sparring matches, Indonesia national teams got the best result among the others. Huppey, Ifrit, Vysery, Lawlessly, and Azur4 are undefeated with a record 2 wins against Singapore and the Philippines, and one draw against Thailand.

evil geniuses dota 2 sea games 2019Bulba

The impressive performance from Indonesia got complemented byBuLba, although he said that he hadn’t known any players from Indonesia before. “Philippines has many talented players. Singapore has Nutz, Thailand has 23Savage and Jabs,” BuLba said in the press conference.

“Indonesia has some players that I have already know. But, Indonesia has anything that they need and they have worked very hard,” he continued.

evil geniuses dota 2 sea games 2019

BuLba also said what he was thinking about the SEA national teams and gave some predictions. “I don’t know which team. But, if I should answer, I’m really impressed with the Indonesia team,” he ended.

Basic and general lesson that can be applied anytime

evil geniuses dota 2 sea games 2019Indonesia Dota 2 Team

As a coach for the two-day boot camp, BuLba gave the participants some basic and general lesson that can be applied anytime and anywhere regardless of the meta.

“The lessons from BuLba are general lessons. Not specific to a hero. So, I’m sure that the lesson will give us benefit and can be applied although the meta will change,” said Kevin “Visery” Manuel Johan, one of the Indonesian players via

When asked about the competitors, Visery said that Thailand is the strongest one. “Thailand is the strongest competitor. They have Jabz and 23Savage. Jabz ever participated in The International and Savage is one of their rising stars,” he ended.

A medal eligible sport

sea games 2019

As you might have already known from our previous article, eSports will be one of the sports to be included in the SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines. it was confirmed that eSports in SEA Games 2019 will be not only a demonstration event (like in the previous Asian Games 2018), but also a medal-eligible sport for the participants.

There are six games that will be contested in SEA Games 2019. They are Dota 2 (PC), Starcraft 2 (PC), Tekken 7 (console), Hearthstone (mobile), Mobile Legends (mobile) and Arena of Valor (mobile).

Confirmed, eSports Will be a Medal-Eligible Sport in SEA Games 2019

It has been announced that eSports will be a medal-eligible sport in SEA Games 2019. Razer will be the official partner for this event.

The SEA Games 2019 eSports will be held at Manila 1-6 December 2019.

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