Toge Productions’ RTS Necronator: Dead Wrong Will be Published by UK-Based Publisher Modern Wolf

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Not only will publish the game. Modern Wolf also funds the development which worths up to US$210,000

Good news comes for Tangerang-based game developer, Toge Productions. In Gamescom 2019 last August, the company announced its partnership with a UK-based game publisher, Modern Wolf to publish its new RTS game, Necronator: Dead Wrong.

Toge is the first Asian game developer who will collaborate with Modern Wolf. For Necronator: Dead Wrong, Modern Wolf who will not only act as the global publisher. The publisher also gave around US$210,000 to fund the Necronator: Dead Wrong‘s development and they aim to release the game on Steam sometime this year.

Through the press release, Modern Wolf said that it is a developer-centric publisher who always pays attention to game developer’s welfare. Modern Wolf’s CEO Fernando Rizo said that the company wanted to help game developers to create a sustainable business, direct them if necessary, and fund the project until the post-release campaign.

“I have been playing Toge’s games for ten years — I loved the very first games that they made for Flash game portals,” said Fernando Rizo. “Even back then, with those tiny, low-budget games, you could tell that Toge was a special developer. As soon as I knew Modern Wolf was ready to start signing projects, I got in touch with Kris,” he continued.

Rizo also gave a message that Necronator: Dead Wrong won’t be the one and only Toge’s project to be published by them. “Over the past months Kris and I have formed a great working partnership and we are extremely excited that Toge Productions’ Necronator: Dead Wrong will be Modern Wolf’s first released game. We know it’s going to be a big hit all around the world and I hope to be publishing Toge games for a very long time to come. This is just the beginning,” he continued.

necronator dead wrong

At Gamescom 2019, Toge’s CEO Kris Antoni also introduced Modern Wolf to two representatives from Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF). “The partnership between Toge Productions and Modern Wolf is a milestone for the Indonesian game industry’s progress and raise the global trust to the Indonesian developers and products,” said Hari Santosa Sungkari, BEKRAF’s Deputy Chairman of Infrastructure.

“We hope that with this partnership, the Indonesian game developer will be increasingly known by global games and can contribute to Indonesia’s economic value. Congratulations and we are proud of this!” said Joshua Simanjuntak, BEKRAF’s Deputy Chairman of Marketing.

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Necronator: Dead Wrong is a micro-RTS game combined with some tower defense and deck-building elements. The game’s Steam page indicates that the game will be released in Early Access state in late 2019.




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