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Yogyakarta-based Team AccelByte Got Involved in Borderlands 3 Development

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

AccelByte helped Gearbox Software to developed some components, features and also systems for Borderlands

Developing an AAA game is a massive thing. A company is not only spending a lot of money, but it also needs many talented developers to help the company build the game. Sometimes, it also gets help from other outsourcing companies to do many things such as creating art and sound assets or creating a specific module.

It also happens in Gearbox Software who developed Borderlands 3. To bring the game to life, it got help from other outsourcing companies. One of them is the Yogyakarta-based team, AccelByte.

AccelByte is a company that focuses on the development of backend game services and game platform and is headquartered in Seattle, United States. In the past two years, AccelByte has a world-class team of engineers that are spread all across the world, starting from Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Suzhou (China), to Vancouver (Canada), San Francisco (United States), and Wicklow (Ireland).

accelbyte borderlands 3

The collaboration explained in an event for sharing sessions and also a gaming session last September in Yogyakarta. In the sharing session event, Farid, one of the senior engineers in AccelByte explained about the systems and technology that have been built by AccelByte, and he also shared his experience in working and collaborating directly with Gearbox.

Farid explained that there were plenty of components, features and also systems that were developed by AccelByte and have been implemented in games developed by Gearbox. Farid closed his sharing session with his excitement on working with Gearbox by showing the credit roll which showed the names of the AccelByte team members who have been helping Gearbox in the development of Borderlands 3.

accelbyte borderlands 3

Weekend Gaming Session: Borderlands 3

accelbyte borderlands 3

After the sharing session ended, the attendees were invited to get their hands on the actual game, guided by the master of ceremony who stated Borderlands 3 facts as they played the game. This event was welcomed enthusiastically by the attendees who were interested in the rapid growth of the gaming industry world.

The Weekend Gaming Session was held to share knowledge with the local game developer community and to the IT students in Yogyakarta about the potential that can be achieved in the gaming industry. This aligns with one of AccelByte’s vision to empower the growth of local IT communities in the Yogyakarta area. This event was closed with the announcement of five lucky people who won the key to Borderlands 3: Super Deluxe Edition.

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